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International Anti-Fur Coalition (IAFC)

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Contact person: Jane Halevy Moreno


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About us

The International Anti-Fur Coalition (IAFC) is an Animal Rights (AR) movement founded in 2006 to focus on the atrocities of the fur trade, in which hundreds of millions of rabbits and over 85 million animals are brutally murdered each year for their fur. The coalition gathers over 50 anti-fur organizations worldwide, working to bring an end to the fur industry through simultaneous `global days of action´ like demonstrations, `information days´ and special events held regularly all over the world.

Our Creed:
• Our worldwide aim is to close down the fur industry.
• Governments should legislate and enforce laws against the fur industry.
• Humans have an obligation of compassion and protection for animals.
• We unite our voice and strength, internationally, on behalf of animals.

The Mission:
• Confront these cruelties through major campaigns targeting the barbaric practices of the fur trade
• Advocating to reduce and hopefully end animal suffering
• Implement meaningful improvement of the fate of animals
• Expose the truth about fur, via creating media and public awareness
• Public pressure on fur selling companies
• Promote anti-fur industry legislation
• Educate the public on animal rights

Our Goals:
• International lobbying in order to ban the sale of fur.
• Supporting IAFC members to pass bills to ban the sale of fur, each member in its own country.
• Raising awareness via social media, YouTube and other platforms.
• Creating anti-fur ads, printing banners for public places, and flyers for information tables.
• Our ultimate goal is not only making fur history – a thing of the past, out of fashion and sight – but also out of law. Fur should be not only immoral but also illegal. Making fur illegal is an idea that should not sound surrealistic, as the world is evolving, whether furriers like it or not.

• Wearing a Dead Dody? Over My Dead Body: International Anti- Fur Coalition, in association with Phenomenon: Yomtov Moshe, a philanthropist, film director & Commercial Producer, had launched the ongoing international campaign.
• Worldwide Fur Free Friday (WFFF): WFFF is one of largest global days of action in the history of animal rights organizations. We have had demonstrations numbering up to 200 locations around the world: Held on the (black) Friday that is the beginning of the big holiday sales. (End of November) Demonstrations, against businesses and shops that sell fur, are held globally, in one united voice, to save the voiceless victims of the cruel fur trade
• The 100 Mission/ Pay it Forward challenge!: Our goal is to stop the slaughter of 100 million animals who are brutally killed, each year only for their fur. Our mission is to reach out to 100 million women internationally, to commit Not to wear fur/ Dead animals, and thereby stopping the horrific fur industry / "Blood Fashion." "‪#The100Mission‬" starts by recruiting 100 social "Animal Rights" activists, to reach out ( through social networking and personal contacts) for 100 influential women, to commit not to wear fur. Then the first 100 women´ s mission will be about engaging 100 influential women around the world, like Jennifer Aniston, Leona Lewis, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, Carla Bruni, and many more!

Jane Halevy Moreno is the Founder of the International Anti-Fur Coalition (IAFC).

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