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ANIMAL SPIRIT - Zentrum für Tiere in Not

Am Hendlberg, Klamm 112
3053 Brand-Laaben

Contact person: Franz-Joseph Plank

+43 (0) 2774/29 330; +43 (0) 676 / 708 24 34
+43 (0) 2774 / 29 331


  • Aid organization
  • Environmental project
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

The non-profit organisation ANIMAL SPIRIT, founded in May 2002, seeks to spread the idea of animal protection and helping animals in need, primarily farm animals.

Our main goals are both political, as well as offering direct assistance to needy animals, including:
• A ban on any form of cruel livestock husbandry
• a ban on long distance animal transport
• the science-based promotion of a healthy vegetarian lifestyle
• the drastic reduction in, replacement of, and ultimately a ban on laboratory testing on animals, on the grounds of scientific findings
• the prohibition of cruel breeding conditions and the genetic manipulation of animals
• buying up animals in distress from inhumane conditions or transport to slaughterhouses, putting them in species-appropriate accommodation or placing them elsewhere, with subsequent check-ups
• the establishment and operation of other sanctuaries and wildlife refuges, in particular for farm livestock.
• Hendlberg Sanctuary: A haven for distressed, ill-treated farm animals. The animals, whose sufferings have been publicised by years of political campaigns about animal cruelty during transport or on factory farms, should now be able to live out their lives in peace. The Hendlberg Sanctuary House No. 62: a 20 hectare plot which was put under our management by the "Silent Brothers Foundation" in Vaduz as a precarium, as long as we take care of all financial and organizational issues, such as feeding, veterinary care, maintenance of stalls, new buildings and pasture.
• Esternberg Sanctuary: a 20-acre farm, the purchase and maintenance was made possible in part by generous donations and by a bank loan.

• Animal welfare in the classroom: the project "Animal Protection at School" has been carried out by ANIMAL SPIRIT in Austrian schools for many years. Children of all ages - from the first grade through high school – are made familiar with the issue of animal welfare, the contents are of course child and age-appropriate. They learn how they themselves can influence the welfare of animals - from how to deal with a pet, to animal-friendly consumer behaviour. Through talks, pictures and films they learn about the beautiful but also the sad side of the lives of animals. Classes sometimes visit one of our sanctuaries to witness how farm animals live if we leave them in peace. Learning compassion and respect for animals is a valuable experience. "Animal welfare in the classroom" fosters responsibility for all life and thus contributes to violence prevention.
• Releases / Campaigns: publicising grievances, problems and campaigns in regular newsletters and brochures.
• Online petitions for animal rights and animal welfare
• ANIMAL SPIRIT – animal placements
• Adopting an Animal

Franz-Joseph Plank is the founder and president of ANIMAL SPIRIT.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.