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Dialog - Bildungswerk e.V.

Teigelhügel 6
48268 Greven

Contact person: Rehfeld, Wilfried

+49 2571/ 2587
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  • Educational policy/project
  • Overnight facilities

About us

The "Dialog-Bildungswerk" (dialogue educational institute) is a political institute for further vocational training. The educational institute which is party-politically and denominationally independent was recognized in 1982 by the Land of North-Rhine-Westphalia and supported since that time.

In North-Rhine-Westphalia, we organize courses, seminars and forums on the keypoints: international politics, future of work, future of technology, social policy and social work, citizens' participation, regional development. We include these topics also in our educational holiday programmes. Apart from that, we are open-minded as regards further subjects of political education.

Apart from the educational work, consultancy is another keypoint of our activities. We support initiatives and sponsors to put their ideas into practice, we plan qualification offers and further education programmes together with firms, associations and administrations.

The development of projects as well as the support of projects and evaluation also belong, just as the systemic organization development, to our advisory offer.

Among other things, we found a very effective link between educational and advisory offers in the method of the "qualification workshop". With the help of this productive planning and decision method it becomes possible to explain the perspectives of a working-group, to develop creative strategies and to suggest unusual solutions to problems. Workshop methods help to abolish hierarchically organized learning - they promote dialogues based on a partnership. The "Dialog-Bildungswerk" offers presentation assistance in this regard.

A close cooperation with the charitable sponsoring association, a union of adult educators, scientists and trade unionists, contributes to the quality of the educational and advisory opportunities. Apart from the membership in the educational umbrella organization LDB, cooperations with different associations exist.

Wilfried Rehfeld is the director of the "Dialog-Bildungswerk".

We offer overnight accommodations for other net participants. Apart from that, we can give lectures, respectively furnish specialized information on the following subjects:, advice in educational matters, organization development, regional structural policy. We can help you in the development of seminars, course programmes, forums, excursions and projects, the procurement of competent referees, the financing of educational programmes, presentation of working.groups and events.