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Vom Wissen zum Handeln - Nachhaltige Impulse für Entscheider

Bäckerstr. 4
81241 München

Contact person: Dr. Andrea Hübner

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  • Alternative economy
  • Environmental organization
  • Environmental project

About us

The aim of the Environment Academy is to contribute to public awareness of our duty to develop sustainably and to trade with this in mind.

For 25 years we have been suggesting ways to safeguard ecological balance, economic justice and social equilibrium in the long term. Responsible trade, for our fellow man, for the environment and for future generations, involves acquiring knowledge, organisational competence and especially the courage to trade in the face of apparently powerful individual interests. We focus on complex topics with multilayered interests. Our contribution is imparting knowledge and identifying trade alternatives. We act as a forum for scientists, politicians and the general public, offering information, discussions, and conversations between experts and interested citizens, thus smoothing the way from knowledge to trade.

Current topic areas of the Environment Academy:
• Value-based market economy
• Ethical-ecological money management
• Organic foods
• Health and personal responsibility
• Brave citizens for the energy revolution!
• Biodiversity, use versus protection of inshore waters

• Talks, podium discussions, fireside conversations, round-table discussions, entrepreneurs’ forum, film shows, excursions, conflict solutions, mediation, consultations.

Dr. Andrea Hübner is the President of the Environment Academy.

On request we can offer other net participants a presentation, organise events and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.