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Contact person: Eva Egartner

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  • Educational policy/project
  • Aid organization
  • Social policy/disabled persons

About us

Condrobs has been registered as a non-profit organisation since 1971. It was founded as a self-help initiative for the parents of drug addicts and for experts in this field.

The aim is to integrate into society young people at risk of becoming addicts or who are already addicts, as well as other disadvantaged youths and adults, so that they can take their place in the community.

We focus on prevention, addiction support, child welfare, rehabilitation and integration into the world of work.

The association develops preventive and therapeutic concepts, converts them and monitors them. We train professionals and provide information, eg through lectures, seminars and health management. We accompany, support and inform relatives of those affected and other people in their social environment. Preventative measures promote a social climate, strengthen life skills and contribute significantly to the development of self-worth. Age does not matter: Condrobs works in kindergartens, schools, companies and clubs.

Our work:
• In addition to prevention programs, Condrobs also offers counseling and outpatient care for people with addiction - be it alcohol, drugs or gambling - and their relatives. Here, the addiction experts make constant adjustments to the current situation, such as the increase in alcohol-related and concomitant diseases. The teams in the counselling services are geared to the needs of those seeking help. They work with them towards realistic goals and support them in the implementation of those goals. Condrobs is also active externally, working with drug addicted prisoners, females in particular.
• Particularly dear to our heart are the aid and support measures for children, adolescents, young adults and their social environment. In order to enable children to grow healthily and for young people to lead a successful life, Condrobs offers various forms of need-related assistance. These include not only prevention, advice, streetwork, support with upbringing, and help for pregnant women and women with children. We also offer various therapeutic and sheltered housing opportunities. Since 2010 this has included unaccompanied underage refugees.

With its over 40 facilities and an employment company, Condrobs is one of the largest interdenominational providers of social aid in Bavaria. Every year, our approximately 550 workers deal with over 10,000 cases of people seeking help.

Condrobs has been pursuing one aim for 40 years:
• to use measures tailored to individual needs to give people an opportunity to build up a self-determined, healthy life. Whether dealing with children, juveniles, young adults, underage refugees, women, men, relatives, substitutes or the elderly, in the course of decades, Condrobs' workload has expanded. Originally concentrating purely on prevention and on helping drug addicts and those at risk of addiction, Condrobs now works in the areas of aid for children and youths, rehabilitation day care and training and employment.

Eva Egartner is the Executive Chair of Condrobs.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.