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Alpenschamanismus - Alpenschamanisches Netzwerk

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Contact person: Limpöck, Rainer

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  • Spiritual organization
  • Overnight facilities

About us

In shamanism we can find a way to combine and harmonize the inside world and the outside world, man and nature. From time immemorial, places of power have been of great importance. The well-informed will find them at particular places of nature, mainly in the mountains. With its rocks, waterfalls, valleys, plants and animals, the Alps offer an enormous amount of possibilities for shaman experience/living. Especially today, we can use the power of the Alps to reenchant our existence and to take advantage of these places and energies in a simple way. The shamanism of the Alps is an integrative neoshamanism in the sense of bioregionalism. A constant shaman tradition does not exist in the Alpine region. Its roots can be found among other things in the Celtic shamanism (druidic religion) or even much earlier (rock painting of a shaman in the Val Camonica).

Rainer Limpöck gew up in the Bavarian mountains (Berchtesgadener Land) and very early he already had an intimate relationship to nature and traditions. In his youth, he began to read the books by Carlos Castaneda and was fascinated by the insights into other realities and in the toltecist shamanism. Already during his studies of social education his interest in spirituality and parapsychology increased. In an anthroposophic home for disabled he experienced spiritual, integral thinking and acting.

Since 1986, he has been working in the field of adult education and runs courses for professional integration of disabled umemployed. In this regard, the many years of quarrel with the topics profession and illness made him more and more realize and understand the meaning of visions and self-discovery as ripening and development processes. In shamanism he found appropriate methods to reach inner and outer peace. He met a lot of people who were active in the field of shamanism (healers, trainers, advisors), he became active in a shaman drummer group and finally he came again across the magical movements (tensegrity) - the heritage of Carlos Castanedas.

Harmony of man and nature is of particular importance for him. Finally, this became the incentive for creating a web side with the objective to make the notion "Alpenschamanismus" (shamanism of the Alps) become alive as a symbiosis of ancient traditions and modern experience and in the end to create a network of people who are active in the field of shamanism.

We can offer overnight accommodations for other net participants. In addition to that, we can give advice on shamanism of the Alps, we can give a lecture and arrange for up-to-date specialist information and arrange for contacts.