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Children and Young People Living for Peace (CYPLP)

B1 Mogadishu Layout, T. A Abdulkadir Complex, Brown Complex, Urgent Motors

Contact person: Dennis Ekwere

+234 803 646 4525


  • Aid organization
  • Alternative economy
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Children and Young People Living for Peace (CYPLP) is a youth-driven organization founded in 2007 and working in disadvantaged areas and areas prone to violence in Nigeria. They work to enable young people to become active citizens, to tackle the root causes of violence, and to build community cohesion. CYPLP has its headquarter in Kaduna State and is desirous of spreading.

Our vision is to try and reduce violence tendencies in our society by educating and enlightening children and young people on the culture of tolerance, patience and love in their early formative years so that as they grow up they can grow up with it.

This organization aims to present veritable platforms of engagement for youths, by youths in hard to reach local communities. This is achieved through organisation of social programs like sports, music and dance to dramatize messages, road walk, advocacy.

• CYPLP has chosen to target the poorest parts of society, believing them to be the most vulnerable to violent conflict. They train primary school teachers in peace and conflict resolution, and they work through schools and orphanages.
• During conflict in Kaduna following the 2011 presidential election, CYPLP worked at both Christian and Muslim camps for displaced people. They used social media to solicit assistance from philanthropic individuals and organisations, which led to a US-based organisation responding with material support and food items.
• CYPLP works to reduce extremism and radicalization of young people by providing them with alternative platforms of engagement. The organisation is exploring the use of social media as a tool for peacebuilding.
• We also aimed at catering for abandoned and neglected single adolescent mothers; whom have dropped out of school due to unplanned pregnancy and see to how we can bring them back to school if she so desire. Or, empower her to learn useful skill-trade while caring for the welfare of her sibling.
• Kaduna State Rehabilitation Center: Home where the crippled, blind learn how to weave, repair computers, the deaf and dumb learn sew, hair dressing, shoe making.
• Youth campaign against election violence
• Donation of educational materials to St. Andrew´s Orphanage, Zonkwa.
• Motherless/Widow Homes, Kachia.
• Agric business workshop

Dennis Ekwere is the Executive Director of Children and Young People Living for Peace (CYPLP).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.