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Contact person: Lena Gärtner

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Die folgende Selbstverpflichtungserklärung zum aktiven Klimaschutz soll die Selbstwirksamkeit aller aktivieren und einen Anstoß geben, zukunftsfähige Normen zu etablieren. Die UnterzeichnerInnen verpflichten sich, ab sofort auf Inlandsflüge und auf Flüge für Reisen bis 1.000 km zu verzichten, in allen Betriebsstätten den Energieverbrauch zu minimieren und den verbleibenden Strombedarf aus 100 % Ökostrom zu beziehen und auf Fleisch aus konventioneller, industrieller Produktion ganz zu verzichten und für Verpflegung und Bewirtung, soweit möglich, nur noch biologisch, saisonal und regional bzw. fair produzierte Lebensmittel zu nutzen. Um irreversible klimatische Veränderungen und deren dramatische Folgen abzuwenden, wollen die UnterzeichnerInnen diese Selbstverpflichtung weiterentwickeln und laden alle ein, mitzumachen:

About us

The Mountain Forest Project was founded in Germany in 1993. It organises project weeks throughout Germany from March to November.

The Bergwaldprojekt’s aim is to protect, to conserve, to tend the forest, especially the mountain forest and the cultural landscapes, and to help people understand the connections in nature, the issues of the forest and the dependence of man on these sources of life.

That is why the Bergwaldprojekt works with volunteers in organized project weeks in forests, bogs and open land biotopes at various places in Germany. The goals of the project weeks are to
conserve the various functions of the ecosystems, make participants aware of the importance of our natural sources of life and that they are threatened,
convince the general public of a sustainable use of the natural resources.

Under expert instruction, for example, young stands are planted and tended, soil erosion control systems are installed, steep tracks and paths are constructed, biotopes are cultivated and bogs and brooks are re-naturalized.
The non-profit works are implemented in public forests and nature reserves in cooperation with local forestry and conservation authorities only. Every project week is planned, organized and supervised on site by an experienced and skilled forester employed by Bergwaldprojekt. This project leader is supported by trained group leaders that work in an honorary capacity.
Bergwaldprojekt offers project weeks for adults and school pupils, parent-child projects and integrated weeks as well as
corporate-volunteer-days. Bergwaldprojekt is financed by sponsoring memberships and private donations, fees of the project partners, fees of companies as well as funding from governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Men and women over 18 can take part. Taking part in the projects is free of charge, though participants do have to pay for their travel themselves. The Berggwaldprojekt bears the cost of board and lodging, pays the project leaders and provides any necessary tools and vehicles.

On request we can offer other net participants overnight accommodation, advice, give a presentation and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.

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