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Asociacion PIEL

PIEL Asociación Civil sin Fines de Lucro

Av. Palaá 536
1870 Buenos Aires

Contact person: Bennum, Ricardo D.

+54 11 4201 1001
+54 11 4771.2296


  • Aid organization
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Overnight facilities

About us

What does PIEL mean? Plástica Infantil con Excelencia en el Logro - roughly: outstanding success in plastic surgery on children.

For what purpose was the association founded? To assist in the propagation, research, prevention, teaching and support in the field of plastic surgery on children and for skull deformations.

Why was it founded? We observed the need and the unsatisfactory situation for children lying in public hospitals with congenital deformities, tumours or deep accident scars whose parents were searching for a solution.

Our mission: to offer every child a total solution in a suitable location, with the help of a group of highly qualified doctors from multidisciplinary specialties, with the objective of the social re-integration of the patient.

It is our vision to turn PIEL into a centre of excellent medical care to which any child has access. With the intention of upgrading the quality of support available, our facility attaches great importance to making fundamental changes in the tasks of an effective health team.

Type of provision: A multidisciplinary team of doctors treats the child on the same day, at the same time and in the same place. The children wait for their treatment in a playroom. Our experts do not wear white coats.

Our program: financial support for surgical treatment, financial support for rehabilitation measures, parents' club, sponsoring program, milk and medication bank, dissemination and prevention.

In this way it has been made possible for our patients' families to become the main protagonists in the rehabilitation and social re-integration measures for their children. By making it clear to them that the help provided requires the co-operation of the parents of children who have already been treated, they are more than willing to take over the role of advisors for the new families suffering from the same problems.

On request we can offer to other net participants: accommodation, advice, lectures, up-to-date information, help with contacts in the field of childhood - handicap - prevention. Further offer of support: advice as to how our project can be taken over in other developing countries.