Netzkraft Movement

artscenico e.V.

Theater, Tanz & Multimediale Produktionen

Oesterholzstraße 122
44145 Dortmund

Contact person: Rolf Dennemann

+49 (0)231-8634201


  • Educational policy/project
  • Media project
  • Antiracism, policy of integration

About us

artscenico is a non profit-making organisation which has been active since 1991 in encouraging international cultural encounters both inside and outside Germany.

The work of the organisation focusses on activities which bring different areas of the performing arts together and into a new context, and on internationalising theatrical dialogue.

• Project development: we plan and organise art and culture projects, either on commission or independently. Technicians, logisticians, artists and agents whom we know or contact are selected and brought together for the project.
• Advice: our team comprises experienced experts from various fields who give responsible advice in the areas of drama, dance, stage direction, culture management, festival organisation and event management.
• Site-specific performances: in North Rhine Westphalia, there are only a few producers of site-specific creations (apart from folk festivals) who provide art in public places, in parks and on industrial sites. artscenico prepares site-specific projects which can be presented internationally, but which are closely related to regional and local needs. By means of dance, drama and other art forms, small scenes and larger productions are developed, each of which is oriented towards the circumstances at the venue, so that they are rarely the same in different localities. A pool of artists is put together so that concepts can be flexibly realised.

artscenico performing arts is a nomad organisation, of no fixed abode. It specialises in planning and carrying out mainly site-specific projects, generally with international involvement. Numerous cooperations have arisen, including the Festival off Limits. Over the last few years, poetical and spectacular projects in the field of the performing arts and beyond have taken place in cemeteries, parks, churches and hotels, on an allotment, in a business and apartment block.

Rolf Dennemann is a founding member and executive of artscenico.

On request we can offer advice to other net participants, give a presentation and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.