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Der Kleine Nazareno e.V.

Verein für Gerechtigkeit und Menschenwürde in Brasilien

Kurt-Schmücker-Platz 4
49624 Löningen

Contact person: Petra Rund

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  • Aid organization
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

It was back in 1991 that Bernd Rosemeyer began to concern himself with the problems of street children in Brazil, to save them from a cruel fate. Together with his brother Werner Rosemeyer he founded an aid project for Brazilian street children in 1992. Two years later, two registered societies arose out of this: Der Kleine Nazareno e.V. & Associação Benefi cente O Pequeno Nazareno (OPN).

There are about 25,000 children living completely neglected on the streets in Brazil. Every day they have to fight for survival and against the reality of hunger, cold, prostitution and drugs. In doing so, they live in constant fear of violent assault by gangs and by the police.

The association has taken on the task of fetching children from the streets, and offering them a chance of a humane life. The teachers of the OPN have the same aim. They are there for the children, talk and play with them. Birthdays are celebrated and first aid provided in the case of injury. For the first time, the children have the feeling that they are worth something. In this way, we gain the children’s trust and can prepare them for leaving the streets and coming to live in a Nazareno village.

Nazareno-Village: A chance to save children’s lives! There are two Nazareno villages so far, giving a new home to more than 110 children. The villages are in a beautiful setting, on the outskirts of Fortaleza and Recife. The children are housed with others of a similar age so they usually make friends quickly. Over time, the houses build up a healthy independence. The children are looked after 24/7 by carers from the nearby area – who thereby have a steady job, thanks to the OPN. We accompany the children step by step through to adulthood and give them back their self-esteem. We teach them to read and write and enable them to train for a job.

School, vocational training, sport and leisure: each child goes to primary school from their first day. All our schools are state-recognised. The pupils receive individual attention according to their knowledge level and talent. Later, after the age of 15, we supplement their schooling with practical job training. They learn to repair anything in our workshops – from computers to bicycles, from tables to refrigerators. We encourage them to specialize according to their ability.

The children are free to decide how to spend their leisure time. There are various activities on offer in the Nazareno villages: from football to painting and handicrafts, and including the traditional Brazilian dance “capoeira” – the children have a free choice.

On request we can offer other net participants a consultation, an expert opinion or advice. We can make a presentation and provide contacts in the field of our work.