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Canadian Ape Alliance (CAA)

University of Toronto Great Ape Fund, 155 College Street, Suite 754
Toronto, ON M5T 1P8

Contact person: Kerry Bowman, Valentine Makhouleen


  • Environmental organization
  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

The Canadian Ape Alliance (CAA) was established by Dr. Kerry Bowman and his colleagues to coordinate and increase efforts in raising awareness of the imminent threats to the great apes, develop conservation strategies, and raise funds.

The Canadian Ape Alliance advances conservation and awareness of all Great Apes and the environments they live in, by respecting human need.
All conservation strategies are designed to reflect local cultures, as well as economic and political realities. We believe through coordinated individual action, we can improve the environment of all Great Apes and other living things.

• Batwa Agricultural Program: Recognizing that the survival of the area´s great ape populations depends on the socioeconomic success of their human counterparts, the Canadian Ape Alliance joined with Zerofootprint (Canada) to develop the Batwa Agricultural Program. Launched last year, the initiative is providing 82 Batwa families with the means to grow crops for themselves and attain a measure of self-sufficiency.
• Kahuzi Biega Environmental School: The park guards of Kahuzi-Biega National Park are vital to the security of the gorilla groups that inhabit the park. That´s why the Canadian Ape Alliance has focused much of its efforts on supporting the guards in their mission. In some years, our fund-raising helped pay their salaries and kept them going. Another long-standing priority: providing a school for their children. A long with teaching the basics, the school will offer a strong environmental program with a focus on conservation.
• The Cassava Mill: the Canadian Ape Alliance established a cassava-grinding mill at Tshivanga Station, the park headquarters. Launched in the fall of 2007, the mill is used to grind cassava, corn and soybeans for resale as flour for a collective of 45 women living at Tshivanga, providing them with a much-needed income.
• Eggs for Kids: With the help of the Canadian Ape Alliance, a group of Congolese widows has formed a cooperative to run a poultry farm.
• Conservation Mapping Projects: Members of the Canadian Ape Alliance and the Lukuru Wildlife Research Foundation have been using a combination of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) field units, and remote sensing imagery (satellite photos) to help a major exploratory expedition map, document and analyze an unknown region of immense importance and rich biodiversity.
• 1,000 Classrooms: Called a project by kids and for kids, the goal of 1,000 Classrooms is to raise both money and awareness to "help the environment, hungry children, endangered gorillas, and the widows of murdered park rangers who died protecting gorillas."

Kerry Bowman is one of the Founders of the Canadian Ape Alliance and Valentine Makhouleen is a volunteer with CAA responsible for communications.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.