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About us

Deeper Missions is a young and vibrant, all-volunteer organization founded in 2010. Deeper Missions is a tax exempt public charity, dedicated to changing and saving lives. Through meaningful mission travel, we implement sustainability projects, such as clean energy, safe water and sanitation.

Our mission is to supply materials and provide on-the-ground services which improve the education and livelihood of the people of West Africa.

Without reliable electricity, children and their families are living with fumes from diesel generators, kerosene lamps and candles causing poor respiratory health.
Without managed sanitation and safe water sources, drinking water for communities and schools is contaminated, causing ill health and loss of school/work time.
The current efforts of Deeper Missions are on environmentally-friendly projects such as self-contained solar lighting (so children can study without using the typical and unhealthy open-flame lamps) and community-friendly fresh water well-digging and waterless solar composting toilets.

• Clean Energy: Deeper Missions´ team of volunteers helped install solar equipment and infrastructure to off-grid, rural communities in Bo, Sierra Leone. The surplus of electricity generated by these solar panels is being used for income generation and small businesses including a cell phone charging station. At the Ebert Kakua School for the Deaf, the newly installed solar infrastructure is also doubling as a living laboratory for older students to learn about circuits, electrical engineering, and sustainable business practices. Because of the success of these projects, Deeper Missions has been approached by a number of partner organizations to begin exploring the possibility of supporting solar power projects in Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, and Ghana; four out of the five countries targeted by the Power Africa Initiative.
• Safe Water: Part of Deeper Missions´ purpose is to contribute to the global effort to bring water security to communities needing the assistance. Focus is on those most challenged by water security, such as those in the amputee camps and Ebert-Kakua School for the Deaf in Sierra Leone. Through new digging and well remediation, we strive to help communities recover their health with sustainable, safe water supplies.
• Amputee Camp Well Project: The Mattru-on-the-Rails amputee community was joyful at the site of clean water pumped by the sun, flowing from standpipes in their camp, no longer requiring them to walk miles for clean water.
• Sanitation Hygiene: Deeper Missions seeks to use the latest in waterless, culturally correct latrine designs, such as the "Eloo", made in Africa, for Africa. Deeper Missions is committed to bringing health-building solutions to communities, schools and hospitals, such as the Eloos for the Ebert-Kakua School for the Deaf, and for Mercy Hospital, shown above, and built in part with a grant from The Child Health Foundation.
• Ebert Kakua School for the Deaf: Located in the New York section of Bo, the Ebert Kakua School for the Deaf serves over 100 students and is the only school for the deaf in the southern province of the country. There are currently 5 teachers; students learn math, English, science, and vocational studies – including farming and textiles. Deeper Missions recently completed a waterless solar composting toilet building to help improve ground water quality for the community.

Derek Reinhard is the Executive Director and Founder of Deeper Missions.

For other net participants we can offer only expertise and contacts to share.