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Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary

PO Box 548
1206 Sonpark
South Africa

Contact person: Louwhen Bowker

+27 13 590 4448


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About us

Founded by Petronel Nieuwoudt in 2001, Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary is the largest orphan rhino orphanage and sanctuary in the world.
Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary NPC is located on a beautiful nature reserve in the heartland of Mpumalanga, South Africa, where a treatment and care center is set up to tend to injured or orphaned animals until they are well enough to be rehabilitated into the wild.

Our mission is to save black and white rhinos from extinction. We are committed to rescue abandoned, injured, and orphaned rhinos and to rehabilitate them wherever possible. We enlist the help of veterinarians, nutritionists, ecologists, and other specialists, to ensure the successful rehabilitation and release of these animals.

Our vision is to secure free-ranging African Rhinoceros in protected sanctuaries across Africa, to ensure the survival of the species for future generations.

Our work
Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release
• Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary NPC is developing the existing rehabilitation centre and additional land into a secure stronghold which will eventually accommodate 100 black and white rhinos in a viable secure breeding population. Ultimately, it is the goal of the sanctuary to aid in the process of re-maximizing the rhino population with the intention of preserving the species for future generations.
• Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary NPC is developing a concise strategy to ensure the safety and security of the rhinos under the centres care, and is committed to maintaining the highest level of protection. Such security measures will include (but are not limited to) 24/7 monitoring of individual animal groups, highly trained armed game scouts, mobile response units, communications network, crime intelligence, intense surveillance and live video monitoring, trained counter poaching dogs and their respective handlers, watchtowers, electrified fencing, and aerial support.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.