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Centro Internacional de Toledo para la paz (CITpax)

Toledo International Center for Peace (CITpax)

C/Fuenterrabía, 2.
Madrid 28014

Contact person:

+34 91 522 45 25
+34 91 524 00 67


  • Human rights
  • Peace politics

About us

The Toledo International Centre for Peace (CITpax) is an independent, non-profit Spanish foundation, geared toward contributing to the prevention and resolution of conflicts, the management of crises and the consolidation of peace within a framework of respect and promotion of basic human rights and democratic values. In addition, CITpax aims to bring an end to violence or preventing it from taking place, and recognises that the search for lasting peace involves the implementation of actions concerned with social change, development and the strengthening of institutions.

Therefore, CITpax seeks to solve national and international conflicts through mediation, and the facilitation and elaboration of bridging-proposals. It employs second track diplomacy, also known as parallel diplomacy, which turns to civil society actors who have the capacity to influence decision-makers.

CITpax is a singular and unique institution in Spain. It is more than a traditional think tank, because its activities are not limited to diagnosis and research, but are also action-oriented - action tank – thus aiming to modify
the reality of conflicts by seeking to achieve peace.

Middle East and Mediterranean: The programme aims to contribute to the development of frameworks of cooperation in the Middle East as a means of overcoming the fragmented realities and providing new processes for the region.

Latin America: The programme acts through the promotion of dialogue to build up consensus between conflicted parties. It identifies problematic issues in tense areas in the field and does political research on questions that could have a negative effect on democracy in Latin America.

Eurasia: This programme carries out activities to follow-up on negotiation processes and to support peace treaties in Europe and Asia, as well as to supervise the implementation of agreements.

Crisis Management and Peacebuilding: This thematic programme contributes with practical initiatives to analyzing and designing innovative tools, strategies and means for conflict prevention.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.