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Asociación Instituto Vida

Urbanización los Keñuales L-13
Juliaca, Puno

Contact person: Hilda Valenza Kcala, Franziska Schilliger Almonte

+51 051 32 95 40; +51 051 33 20 10


  • Human rights
  • Educational policy/project
  • Women's policy
  • Volunteers are welcome.

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About us

The Asociación Instituto Vida is a small non-profit organisation of voluntary workers who have been campaigning for the human rights of the disadvantaged indigenous peoples of Juliaca, Peru, for two years. Our target group is mainly women and children, as they are the ones hardest hit by the poverty which prevails in and around Juliaca.

Our fields of activity are:
• A small private school for children from poor families
• Assistance in cases of domestic violence
• Support in legal questions
• Mini credits for women in need
• Support, guidance and personal assistance during medical care

Our philosophy centres on:
• the importance of the roots of Andean culture
• the right to education
• equal rights for all
• maintaining and protecting life

• School project: In our bilingual school "Kausana Wasi" the children are given all their school materials and an education in their mother tongue. The aim is that they should not lose their cultural roots and that they should be proud of their origins,
• Mini credits: Banquito de la Solidaridad (Solidarity Bank) – small family businesses in rural and urban areas, which are discriminated against because of their poverty, receive further training in various areas, so that they can improve their income.
• Radio programme: Programa de Radio Entre Familias
• Legal advice: assistance in cases of domestic violence; training in human rights and social responsibility
• Sponsoring: the money raised is used for school fees, health care, food or clothing parcels and the teacher’s salary.

Hilda Valenza is the President of the Asociación Instituto Vida.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation and provide up to date information and contacts in the field of our work.