Netzkraft Movement


Association GERmano Togolaise

BP 633

Contact person: Messan Ameghiho

+228 90 98 08 62, +228 23 35 65 14


  • Educational policy/project
  • Environmental organization
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Agerto is derived from "Association GERmano TOgolaise". Agerto is a non-governmental organization without any intention to make profit and which was founded by young people in 1999 to promote a lasting and harmonious development. Agerto has its head-office in the district of Kloto in the South-West of Togo and is located at the foot of the mountain Kloto, at a distance of 135 km from the Togolese capital Lomé.

The association supports every effective and responsible participation of populations in development projects on a self-promoting basis referring to the protection and preservation of the environment, such as ecological tourism or green tourism. Agerto offers for example organized hikes, visits to traditional heads of villages, visits to interessanting plants, such as for example trade centres and others.

Agerto set it as its goal to do justice to the challenges of a lasting development for the protection of the environment and democracy. The association wants to give assistance to the national and international sister companies in their fair struggle against poverty and damage to the environment. Agerto stands up for:

- the development of agriculture, live-stock breeding and forestry,
- the production of food and animal products; a lasting development,
- the production of recoverable energies,
- employments upon private initiatives,
- the support of women and children,
- labour camps and exchange of volunteers,
- creation of infrastructures and furnishings of social centres,
- development of ecological tourism in these areas,
- environmentally aware education,
- audiovisual communication, information, publications, facilities.

We can give advice to other net participants, procure up-to-date expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.