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Aparajeyo Bangladesh (AB)

Shornali Garden, Baishtaki, Mirpur-13
1216 Dhaka

Contact person: Wahida Banu Shapna

+880 (0)1713000632; +880-2-9135969
+880-2-811 0380


  • Educational policy/project
  • Human rights
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Aparajeyo-Bangladesh (AB) is a national child rights organization. It was founded in 1995 through localization of an international NGO. The International organization commenced activities in 1976, working with children living in and around the slums of Dhaka City.

Its goal was to reduce their unbearable poverty, distress and vulnerability caused by the harshness of slum life. In 1989, another programme commenced to provide services to children who live on the city streets or amongst its public buildings. Over the years, Aparajeyo has expanded its support to promote and protect the rights of other socially excluded children.

All programmes are expected to create spaces and promote processes designed to enable and empower children to express their views, to be consulted and to influence decisions in all matters affecting them in accordance with their age and development.

Programmes and Projects:
• INCLUDED Bangladesh: Aparajeyo-Bangladesh has signed a 3 years partnership agreement with INCLUDED Bangladesh on 6 March 2014. The project will support slum children through early childcare & development, pre school education, After school support programme and parenting support to slum mothers in Dhaka city
• Community Actions for Child Protection from Violence: 3 rehabilitation centre ( 24 hours), 20 community based child friendly space.
• Girl Power Project
• Child Sensitive Social Protection in Bangladesh (CSPB): The project ensures social protection, development and rehabilitation of vulnerable street children through the services such as safe shelter, nutritious food, psychosocial interventions, preventive & curative treatment, non-formal & formal education, skills & vocational training, job placement and social reintegration, and family re-union of children by providing financial/employment support to the families.
• Child Help Line Bangladesh (CHL-BD) "1098"
• Developing a conducive environment for urban disadvantaged children-SAD Project in Dhaka: The project intends to provide basic education and day care support to the slum children through 12 day care centres and 4 community based education centres located at Dhaka Metropolitan city. It also ensures nutritious food, treatment, psychological, recreational & legal support, children´s participation, capacity building and vocational training to the children.
• Developing a conducive environment for the children in street situation in Dhaka City:
The project intervenes through an outreach as well as centre-based approach with CSS through introducing 6 open air street schools, one Drop-in Center and two 24 hours shelter homes to ensure safe environments, food, literacy & numeracy, psychosocial support, recreation, skills/vocational training, healthcare services, legal aid, job placement/ family reunification, social integration etc for the CSS.
• Developing a Safety net for Urban Marginalized and Disadvantaged Children: The project aims to improve the access to key services- education, health and legal support- for the most marginalized children and their families through an effective dissemination of information in the slum community and the reinforcement of the network among service providers and the Local Authority.
• Community Support System to improve the life of Street Children

Wahida Banu Shapna is the Executive Director of Aparajeyo-Bangladesh (AB).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.