Netzkraft Movement

Centro de Orientación y Capacitación Wiphala (COCAWI)/SUMART

calle 21
La Paz

Contact person: Beatriz Delgado

+591 2-2851027
+591 2-2851027


  • Alternative economy
  • Women's policy
  • Overnight facilities
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

The Wiphala Orientation and Education Centre (COCAWI) is a non profit-making, non-government organisation. We campaign for the poor in our country, in particular for the rural poor.

Beatriz Delgado is the Chief Coordinator of COCAWI.

We are a women’s organisation which, in the light of the economic crisis and the high unemployment rate, has recognised the need to open up our own sources of jobs. That was why the SUMART production unit came into being. 18 women work there, producing fabrics from alpaca hair and cotton, according to demand. Our organisation recognises the urgency of broadening our business options and procuring funds, since we are not financially supported either by public or private institutions. This means that we have to apply all of our expertise to the daily battle against a lack of financial resources.

SUMART is a business venture producing fabrics from alpaca hair. We manufacture clothing, accessories, bedding, articles for use and decoration. Beatriz Delgado also acts as an advisor to various handicrafts organisations.

Beatriz Delgado is the head of SUMART.

On request, we can offer female net participants overnight accommodation, as well as advice, a presentation, and contacts in the field of our work.