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Aktionsgruppe Indianer & Menschenrechte e.V.

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Contact person: Monika Seiller

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About us

Action Group Native Americans & Human Rights (AGIM), (formerly Big Mountain Action Group), is an organization that - within the scope of human rights work - dedicates itself to the political and cultural support of Indigenous nations of North America. It has been founded in 1986 and is officially acknowledged as a non-profit organization.

AGIM is expressly mandated by indigenous organizations to act on their behalf, and helps these peoples in their struggle to gain self-determination and recognition as sovereign nations. The activities of AGIM occur in close co-operation and mutual exchange with the Indigenous peoples themselves, because only by personal and close contact with the Indigenous peoples effective work can be assured.

The range of activities of AGIM covers a lot of different areas. Among them are campaigns here and on location, policital movements, cultural support and public relations work. Members of the organization participate in campaigns on location, such as demonstrations. Big Mountain Action Group organizes and participates in protest campaigns in Germany und throughout Europe by demonstrations or similar events.

• Political campaigns include discussions with politicians, ambassadors or representatives from corporations that mine resources on Indigenous land, but also attendance at congresses and extend to inquiries in state parliaments.
• Besides the policital support we feel it is necessary to further the cultural independance of Indigenous peoples, and therefore we participate in exhibitions and other events which increase understanding for the multiplicity of cultures of North American Indigenous.
• Among the most important activities is public relations. Members of AGIM research at home and abroad on their own expenses to inform the public about the situation of Indigenous Nations through lectures and events (some with Indigenous delegates), but also through appearences on television and radio shows and of course through articles, interviews and reports in the press.

Special importance has the quarterly journal Coyote that the organization publishes. It is the one and only quarterly in German speaking countries that focuses exclusively on Native Americans.

Projects and Campaigns
Among many other issues we focus at the moment on:

• Missing and Murdered – Indigenous women in Canada: Almost 4000 Indigenous women were murdered only in the last three decades. In some of the Cases even the police and jurisdiction were involved.
• Standing Rock Sioux Tribe: We support the resistance by the Dakota against the Dakota Access Pipleine in North Dakota violating treaty rigts and environmental portection laws.

Monika Seiller is the Executive Director of the Action Group Native Americans & Human Rights e.V..

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.