Netzkraft Movement

Creation Tribe

Spiel des Lebens

Bitziweidstr. 10
8739 Rieden

Contact person: Irin Zschokke

+41 (0)55 280 39 40


  • Commune, community project
  • Spiritual organization
  • Overnight facilities
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Creation Tribe offers a concept, a movement that can be applied worldwide in different variations. An association which supports this idea and manages the donation account was established in 2014 at Lake Walen. The website is intended as a hub, where such projects can be documented.
The basis of this idea is the recognition that anyone who is allowed to express themselves creatively, without limits being set and without being commented upon, let alone given marks, will be able to achieve self-equilibrium, or even bring themselves into a state of balance.
Creation Tribe is a social enterprise which can be implemented with few resources anywhere in the world. The aim is to offer people this form of self-expression, which will lead to a happer life.
Creation Tribe would be the ideal occupation program for traumatized people in crisis-torn countries, in children's villages or other social institutions.
Creation Tribe requires no special skills, just a clear understanding of direction and a serving role.
Happiness as a means:
Many social experiments have repeatedly shown that being autonomous is the basis for the success of a feeling of togetherness in society.
Through the various games, participants of Creation Tribe liberate themselves of their constraints and their limitations. Also it is a fun way to let suppressed emotions reemerge. So freedom is recovered and happiness and satisfaction are generated in a natural way. This satisfies a need to express oneself, to be creative without predetermined specifications. A man who is allowed to discover his inner resources and knows some creative games will never be unhappy if he is out of work. On the contrary, it will open up new possibilities of activity for him, if only because he has become self-confident and has developed power over his own life.
• Community: A farm or any other suitable site and the possibility of setting up workshops. Enough space for a community of 15-20 people and a suitable environment for children to develop freely. Integrated animal husbandry in symbiosis with the surroundings, garden and trees, possibly a piece of forest or tree park. Occupied by people who want to learn and live through play, who wish to forgo luxury in favour of freedom and sustainability. Inhabited by children who are developing their potential and growing up in an environment suited to their needs.

• "Happy Days": By this is meant project days carried out by Creation Tribe groups. The group is created in order to go through the many Creation Tribe games together. "Happy Days for Mother Earth" started as a non-profit festival, and in the course of time has blossomed into a Creation Tribe event.

On request we can offer other net participants overnight accommodation. We can also give advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.