Netzkraft Movement

Aktionen - Stiftung für Menschen in Not

44575 Castrop Rauxel

Contact person: Herbert Schröer

+49 (0)2305/440506; +49 (0)16090633117
+49 (0)2305 440508


  • Aid organization
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

We recall what happened in 1979, when, during the staff Christmas party, employees of the MAN Service-Niederlassung Bochum came up with the idea of collecting donations for "Aktion-Sorgenkind". Guided by their own conscience, and wishing to relieve some of the misery they saw around them, on 15th April 1982, 9 employees founded the non-profit organisation "Campaign Society for the Staff of MAN Bochum". The "Action Group Foundation for People in Need" is the legal successor of that society.
"Action" is the term for "working group". "Foundation for People in Need" is a reflection of the charitable charter of the working group. In this foundation we strive to carry over the basic intent of the action group.

• Aid for individuals – helping impoverished and handicapped German citizens. Therapeutical measures for handicapped and non-handicapped people: vehicles suitable for handicapped adults; help with clothing and the household; structural alterations for the handicapped or elderly; rehabilitation appliances; relief in financial distress.
• furniture for Eastern Romania: windows, doors and furniture for the needy in Fundu-Racaciuni / Eastern Romania
• aid shipments to Ukraine: 30 pick-up actions in the Ruhr bring together 200 cubic metres of tools
• aid flights to the bases: support of aid shipments in 2012 to the bases in Lysychansk / Ukraine, Belarus and Minsk and to Racaciuni in eastern Romania.
• Help for hydrocephalus children in Romania
• Help for street and garbage children in Fastiv
• Association for Disability: The Association for Disability in Harghita County has a comprehensive program for its members and has been supported by our foundation since 2010.
• Food for the hungry in sub Racaciuni
• hunger - poverty - survival guide for Eastern Romania
• Training workshop in Miercurea Ciuc / Romania - 25 new apprentices
• wheelchairs for the disabled in Belarus and Donesk Basin (Ukraine)
• hunger - poverty - education crisis in Bardejov - Eastern Slovakia
• Income from top-Castroper village fete helps to alleviate distress

Herbert Schröer is a committee member of Action Group Foundation for People in Need.

On request we can offer other net participants advice, give a presentation, and provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work.