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Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League

PO Box 88
NC 28629 Glendale Springs
United States

Contact person: Louis Zeller

+1(336) 982-2691;+1 (336) 977-0852
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About us

The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League (BREDL) is a regional, community-based, non-profit environmental organization. Our founding principles are earth stewardship, environmental democracy, social justice, and community empowerment. Since 1984, BREDL has been winning multi-state victories, stopping dangerous facilities and promoting safe alternatives. Our successful grassroots campaigns have produced landmark environmental justice court decisions, passage of local government polluting industries ordinances, legislative victories, zero waste campaigns, safe energy campaigns and most important, lasting change.

Working in rural and disadvantaged areas, our staff and volunteers put into practice the ideals of love of community and love of neighbor. BREDL is a grassroots organization: each community group solves pressing local problems by developing a citizens campaign with goals, strategies, activities, and assessments.

We believe in the practice of earth stewardship, not only by our league members, but by our government and the public as well. To foster stewardship, BREDL encourages governmental and citizen responsibility in conserving and protecting our natural resources. BREDL advocates grassroots involvement to empower whole communities in environmental issues. BREDL functions as a "watchdog" of the environment, monitoring issues and holding government officials accountable for their actions. BREDL networks with citizen groups and agencies, collecting and disseminating accurate and timely information. BREDL sets standards for environmental quality and awards individuals and agencies who uphold these standards in practice.

• CLEAN AIR Campaign
• The CLEAN WATER Campaign is a program for community organizing around contaminated groundwater sites, prevention of the weakening of 2L standards - with priority on groundwater at the drinking water level, and the blocking of dangerous brownfields.
• NUCLEAR Campaign
• The SAVANNAH RIVER SITE is a sprawling defense industry complex of 310 square miles which processes and stores nuclear materials and which is attempting to clean up radioactive and hazardous wastes created during the last 50 years.
• ZERO WASTE Campaign
• NO MEGA-DUMPS Campaign
• SAFE ENERGY Campaign
• The BE SAFE Campaign is a nationwide campaign spearheaded by Center for Health, Environment & Justice to build support for the precautionary approach to prevent pollution and environmental destruction before it happens. BE SAFE NC is the North Carolina campaign with several participating member groups.
• The TRANSPORTATION and LAND USE Campaign will concentrate on protecting existing communities and the surrounding natural environment on which their health and well-being depends from the threat of massive highway projects. This campaign will push for local control of highway projects for local needs, with support for improvements and upgrade to existing roads in lieu of building new roads
• Our FORESTS Campaign promotes an end to commercial logging and road building in our national forests. Activities will be directed toward forest restoration and permanent protection of roadless areas.

Louis Zeller is the Science Director of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League (BREDL).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.