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Ashah Razyn Foundation (ARF)

P.O.BOX 30055; plot 10, MOYO CLOSE
30055 BUKOTO - Kampala


+256 414-696426


  • Human rights
  • Peace politics
  • Women's policy
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Ashah Razyn Foundation (ARF) is a Non Governmental Organization that was established to promote quality legal assistance to indigent and vulnerable people as well as advocate for the human rights of minorities.

Vision: A society accessing quality legal assistance and free from all kinds of human rights abuses. The ARF envisages a just and equitable society. Here all the three arms of the state [parliament, judiciary and the executive] as well as non-state actors are practicing accountability, transparency and there is rule of law; and where there is public awareness, respect and engagement for human rights and good governance; where justice and respect for human dignity are reality.

Mission: To build and strengthen a sustainable, transparent, accountable and democratic society free from Human Rights abuse through legal representation, civic education information; sound legal research and advise; monitoring and follow up of human rights violations, advocacy for reforms of policies, laws and practices in conformity to national and international human rights standards, implementation and partnership at all levels. We believe that strong local and international partnerships are crucial to achieving our mission, vision and the sustainable development of Uganda.

Our work:
• ARF seeks to make public justice systems work for victims of abuse and oppression who urgently need to benefit from the rule of law.
• We fight for the restoration and non-abuse of human rights ranging from civic rights, political, socio- economic rights.
• We work towards citizens benefiting from states obligations to fulfill, to respect and to protect its citizens towards enjoying their human rights.
• ARF also works to transform the socio-economic conditions of rural communities in Uganda. Currently, our programs are designed to be sustainable so as to achieve the development impact. Its a membership organisation with a purpose of promoting human rights, Access to justice and rule of law in.
• In our programs, we work with other stake holders in spearheading the various state human rights obligations of respect, fulfilling and protection towards citizens enjoying their human rights and needs.
• ARF lawyers and social workers intervene in individual cases of abuse in partnership with state, Civil Society Organizations, line ministries, policy makers, the academia, development partners, local authorities and other stakeholders. ARF determines the specific source of corruption, lack of resources and good will in the system denying victims the protection of their legal rights.

• Legal Aid Campaign: ARF has organized two days of legal aid to the general public.

Mwanga Mastullah Asha is the Founder and Executive Director of the Ashah Razyn Foundation (ARF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.