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Angels of Hope Foundation

Str. Ion Vidu Nr. 17
305500 Lugoj, Timis County, Judetul Timis

Contact person: Ing. Ioan Valcan

+40 (0)256-351.152
+40 (0)256-355.456


  • Aid organization
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Angels of Hope is a non-governmental charity organization located in Lugoj, Romania. The Foundation was established in 1994. Angels of Hope absorbed and has continued to expand and improve the activities of the former Lugoj branch of the Society Speran?a Timi?oara.

Its target groups are handicapped children and elder people. The membership of the foundation consists of families with children suffering from mental handicap or polyhandicap, and citizens working in the spirit of the United Nations Declaration "Concerning the Rights of Handicapped People". This declaration was adopted in an effort to give material and spiritual support to people with special needs and their families. Angels of Hope seeks to identify people with special needs and help them integrate back into society through education and special programs. The employees and volunteers assure various social, technical, medical, judicial and other types of assistance free of charge to clients. Other services include advice and consulting for clients and their families to ensure they receive the full benefits offered by the Romanian State and local administrations.

There is also the Day Centre Angels of Hope with recuperation and rehabilitating residential centre. It offers the following services: various material assistance for clients, consulting services for dealing with governmental bureaucracy (A.N.P.H.), judicial consulting, social assistance at residence, training for employees of the foundation, employment training for handicapped clients including the project "Micii buc?tari" (Little Cooks), professional training for volunteers, emergency and crisis situation assistance, educational assistance, continuous creation and improvement of projects for social protection and assistance family consulting, education on hygiene, preventing family separation (institutionalization), collaboration with a peace corps volunteer.

Afterwards the following projects appeared: a mechanical workshop which includes 5 jobs, a playground which has a total area of 460 square meters, building of a bathroom which can service 50 people, the establishment of its own kitchen for preparing 3 X 100 meals a day, organising several trainings for social assistants, parents and caretakers of handicapped persons, completing a music therapy room for 5 people, completing a speech therapy room for 10 people, constructing a polyfunctional flat on the premises, completing a garage where 10 people can work and constructing a food storehouse.

Ing. Ioan Valcan is the director of the foundation.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.