Netzkraft Movement

Die AnStifter – InterCulturelle Initiativen e.V.

Eigensinn + Zivilcourage

Werastraße 10
70182 Stuttgart

Contact person: Peter Grohmann

+49 (0)711 2485677; +49 (0)711 248 69 620
+49 (0)711 2485679


  • Antiracism, policy of integration
  • Human rights
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

AnStifter is sponsored by a non-profit organisation – Die AnStifter – InterCulturelle Initiativen e.V.
Active AnStifter (instigators) collaborate with Stolpersteine (stumbling blocks 1)), with Allmende in Stetten and in the Free Radio for Stuttgart, with Spur der Erinnerung (Trace of Memory) and in the Theatre House, in the Laboratorium (socio-cultural centre in Stuttgart), in the AnStifter movie theatres, with the Stuttgart Peace Prize Foundation and with "Living in Stuttgart", with Lesezeichen (BookMark), in the Merlin (cultural centre in Stuttgart), with attac, in the Committee for Basic Rights, with the Asylum Committee, etc.
Furthermore, many AnStifter members work in political parties (of course, in democratic parties only), in citizens' initiatives, trade unions, churches and with atheists, in the Württemberg Kunstverein (art society), in the Stadtjugendring (city youth association), with Zeichen der Erinnerung (signs of memory), and so on.
An "open control group" contributes to the exchange, communication, discussion and networking of the different instigating initiatives and activities.
Being aware that we are responsible for the survival of the earth which is the living environment for all of us, and convinced that justice pulls the rug from under violence and that a different world is possible we lay the corner stone for the foundation Brücken bauen (building bridges).

Those supporting the AnStifter – whether in practice, ideologically or financially – may be more or less of catholic denomination, free thinkers, Marxists, liberal or conservative – we do not have basis that is the only true one nor a binding theoretical, religious or ideological one. Diversity and independence are our strength. There is no place for violence, racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia. All of those are welcome who speak out loud, remain tolerant, show civil courage and forwardness and who interfere.

• Every year the AnStifter award the Stuttgart Prize of Peace: those are AnStifter who support the Stuttgart Prize of Peace or instigating projects once a year with 50 EUR (or more).
• Solidarity with Sant´Anna di Stazzema: We are ashamed and angry about the Stuttgart justice handling the war crimes of Sant´Anna di Stazzema!
• Letters from citizens
• Philosophical Café
• AnStifters LeseZeichen (BookMark) – for civil courage – against violence and neglect: the AnStifter offer, above all, schools to hold readings on topics such as National Socialism, killing of the sick, euthanasia.
• International poster competition of the AnStifter

Peter Grohmann is chairman of the AnStifter – InterCulturelle Initiativen e.V.

1) an art project that commemorates the victims of National Socialism

For other net participants we can offer expert opinion, lectures, up-to-date technical information and we provide contacts within our field of work.