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Building Hope Uganda (BHU)

Restoring Hope to Vulnerable Persons and Communities in Uganda

P.O.Box 261; Isaka-Kijungu, Kiryateete road 400m Off Kitara Secondary School

Contact person: Sarah Basemera

(+256) 782 700510 / 392 892877 / 703 923296


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Building Hope Uganda (BHU) is a Not for Profit NGO aimed at transforming the lives of vulnerable communities of Uganda. Established in 2012 and first registered as a Community Based Organisation, BHU now operates on a countrywide basis as a fully-fledged NGO. The organization reaches out to less privileged and marginalized women and children in the grappling communities of Uganda. The organisation majorly supports pupils under Universal Primary Education - UPE to enhance their learning abilities. Further supports women for improved livelihoods and promoting good health and nutrition in homes.

Our Mission
To transform the lives of vulnerable and marginalized women and children in Uganda in areas of health, nutrition, education and livelihoods for self-sustainability.

Our Objectives
• Ensuring a valuable and productive life for vulnerable children in Uganda.
• Empowering vulnerable women in Uganda through capacity building for improved living standards.

Our projects:
Women focused projects:
• The rural women farm development project: To promote a shift from rudimentary subsistence farming to commercialized farming.
• Arise women cooperative project: This project adopts the Self Help Group (SHG) approach. The project brings women in a group for training in livelihood and vocational skills with the aim of alleviating poverty among less privileged women in society. It is intended to bring women on board shaping them into future leaders able to make sound decisions. They are also trained in production techniques, entrepreneurship skills and helped in sourcing for markets. The women meet regularly to discuss issues around them and formulate a way forward.
Child Centered Projects:
• Health and nutrition project: The project raises awareness in the community encouraging pregnant women access maternity services from nearby health centres to help them give birth and raise health babies free from preventable sicknesses and infections. Amaranthus, a highly nutritious green vegetable has been introduced to boost the health of infants and HIV/AIDS infected children and household members. Plan is underway to introduce mushroom growing; a combination of the two would make a highly valued food content for even breast feeding mothers.
• Supporting education of a vulnerable child: The organisation introduced "educate a child project" to cater for the wellbeing of children in Universal Primary Education - UPE schools in Hoima district.
Environmental Projects: BHU engages in activities that help conserve the environment and restoring the lost flora and fauna and minimizing effects of global warming.

Sarah Basemera is the Initial promoter & Executive Director of Building Hope Uganda (BUH).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.