Netzkraft Movement

Aufbruch – anders besser leben

Netzwerk für eine zukunftsfähige Lebensweise

Wilseder-Berg-Str. 5
28329 Bremen

Contact person: Doris De Cruz, Rudolf Langer

+49 (0)421/ 94402097


  • Alternative economy
  • Antiracism, policy of integration
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

The German network “Aufbruch – anders besser leben” (meaning something like “departure for new shores of a meaningful life”) is working for a future-oriented way of life. To this end, the participants are networked and support each other regardless of person, age, sex or world view. Basic principles are

- From a paradigm of having to a paradigm of being – for a sustainable consumption behavior
- From competition to solidarity - for a future-oriented social behavior
- From material values to spiritual values - for a holistic mindset

Our basic text is available online as a pdf file (

Our website: