Netzkraft Movement

Anti Poverty Campaign

ZRA 417, Tevragh Zeina

Contact person: Nigel Imonieya

+222 2208 909


  • Aid organization
  • Women's policy
  • Educational policy/project
  • Overnight facilities
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

The Anti Poverty Campaign (APC) is a network of individuals and local organizations to draw the attention of all like minded people to the aid of women and children crying and dying in agony; to join hands in bringing hope and relief to these women and children around the globe.

The major activities for APC are:

• Awareness campaign for the community to continue to join hands in campaigning together as one against the plague of poverty.
• Campaign against frustration which pushes the youths of today into violence.
• Campaign against high mortality rate which makes us to witness a high mortality rate.
• Campaign against illiteracy which pushes communities to be under developed.

In a nutshell, activities of the APC focuses on the UN millennium development goal MDG because we believe it is achievable if given proper attention and implementation and we are bent on making sure we work towards its successful implementation with a positive impact to the lives of suffering women and children. Not until we see the effect of the MDG on the lives of suffering women and children, our struggle and campaign will not end.

Towards achieving these goals, there shall be:

For community awareness: Public awareness programs and seminars for the need and importance of the community to join hands as a united body to fight the plague of poverty.

Frustration (source of violence) among youths: (a) Seminars and programs identifying and dealing with the root causes of frustration. (b) Educative seminars on the importance of involving youths in a developing community. (c) Self-employment workshop as a way of restoring self confidence and hope among youths.

Malnutrition in the community:(a) Mapping out areas mostly affected by malnutrition.(b) Proximity visits to areas mostly affected for a grass roots solution. (c) Invitation of every benevolent heart to join hands in executing a concluded grass roots solution. (d) Humanitarian visits to affected areas.

Illiteracy (Adult and Child education): (a) Data collection on schools below educational standard within the community. (b) Proximity visits to schools under educational standard for grass roots problems and solutions. (c) Data collection on areas within the community mostly affected by illiteracy. (d) Proximity visits to affected areas for information and grass roots solutions. (e) Invitation of all benevolent hearts to join hands in executing a concluded grassroots solution.

For other net participants we offer overnight facilities. Further we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture and establish new contacts in the field of our work.