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African Citizens Development Foundation (ACDF)

Blockl J, House 14b, June 12 Boulevard, Abraham Adesanya Estate,, Ajah, Lekki P.O. Box 2331, Ikeja

Contact person: Otunba ´Dele Ajayi-Smith

+234 (1)295 7860, 8026792846,8053774006


  • Educational policy/project
  • Human rights
  • Women's policy
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

African Citizens Development Foundation (ACDF) is a reputable Non-Governmental Organization established in 1995 with the goal to promote ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP in Africa.

ACDF was registered in Nigeria in 2000 and England in 2009. ACDF was established as a private initiative to join global development forces to reverse the tragic effects of weak mind, and indiscipline which produces inactive and docile citizenry often prone to cutting corners and reducing individual uniqueness and national value system. Disorderliness, corruption and sustained poverty are the consequences of such negativity with all its attendant evils, such as insecurity to life and property, ethnic violence and war.

Our Mission: ACDF has identified culture as a measurable level of development of the human mind, which is the center of genuine and sustainable development

Our Vision: ACDF is to champion the effort of ´building a cultured society` in Africa!

Our Objectives
• To promote affordable and accessible qualitative education for African children irrespective of social class
• To specially promote educational empowerment for the girl child
• To raise awareness of the cultural differentials within the continent and integrate them
• To inculcate human virtues and integrity in the African citizen
• To raise moral tone, accountability and transparency in the African society
• To advocate for effective rule of law, civic responsibility, good and responsive governance on the continent
• To provide Counseling Centers in places where African citizens domicile in order to promote positive culture
• To foster rural growth and agrarian development
• To economically empower women

ACDF Activities
• Citizens Colleges: The ACDF educational project commenced in 1997 with the establishment of the Citizens Comprehensive College in Temu. The College was established as a ´low fee` Co-educational private secondary school and a component of the ACDF youth development programme, to offer qualitative private education to eligible African children irrespective of social class or cultural differences.
• International Languages Development: ACDF has organized the English/French Languages Development (EFLD) programme as a part of its educational project within the West Africa sub-region where the two international languages are predominantly spoken as official languages.
• Agriculture & Rural Development: African Citizens Development Foundation established the Society for Shelter, Education, Food and Agricultural Development in Africa (ASSEFAD) duly registered as a Civil Society Organization. The ASSEFAD Council was mandated to organize the farmers into community cluster groups, offer them training on the latest developments in farming and agricultural techniques and position them to join forces towards achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG). In 2003, ACDF established a private ´Millennium Village` on its large expanse of farmland at Okeludu where accredited cluster farmers work. ASSEFAD Women in Agriculture (AWA) process and market all farm products produced by their male counterparts.
• Research & Advocacy: ACDF has invested in various research work as regards many problems militating against the development of the African society in spite of so much human and natural resource at the disposal of the continent. We have also constantly advocated for the promotion of the Rule of Law (RoL) as the only key to reducing the effects of constant man-made disasters. We have linked the diseases of HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other similar epidemics to the endemic nature of corruption on the continent.
• Other Projects: Agriculture; Anti-Corruption: ACDF Charity Shop; Run Against Poverty 2012; International Development Centre: A new learning centre where our trainings (educational, vocational, etc.) will be held.

Otunba ´Dele Ajayi-Smith ist the President of the African Citizens Development Foundation (ACDF).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.