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Change the World Trust (CTW)

Office 102, Midrand City Center, 185 Old Pretoria Main Road
1652 Midrand
South Africa

Contact person: Jonathan D. Novotny

+27 (0)11 455 2282
+27 (0)86 5517708


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Change the World Trust (CTW) is a Non-Profit passionate about long-term solutions and ripple-effect project results. Its primary focus is IT Training and educational projects benefiting youth and children. Launched in early 2009 as a hands-on IT Training project, it has grown and is seen as the early-mover and leading innovator in ICT Training ventures for youth in South Africa.
In Mozambique, where it has an independent branch, it is the leading ICT focused Non-profit in the country engaging with government on provincial and national levels.

Every child & youth in Southern Africa should be empowered through learning computer science enabling them to find purposeful employment, succeed in higher education or start their own business.

Our mission is to expand access to computer science and increase participation by women and students from disadvantaged backgrounds through active engagement with key stakeholders for policy and curriculum improvements, innovative educational methods and facilitation of ICT skills training with the end goal of improving national competitiveness and greater opportunity, skills and confidence in the youth of Southern Africa.

• Providing unemployed youth and high school students with tangible IT skills that enable them to find purposeful employment or to successfully further their education
• Empowering educators and community leaders with the tools necessary for leading the youth of today
• Awareness campaign for the need for Computer Science

• Hour of Code National Campaign: Allows anyone, anywhere to learn to code.
• Unemployed Youth IT Training Centers: Develop job ready and technically gifted youth. Eight permanent Computer Training Centers providing free IT Training 5 days a week to unemployed youth from low-income areas
• High School IT Innovation Labs: Develop academically gifted and dynamic thinking students
• Teacher Training Programs: Create teachers for modern-day ICT-education. Connecting Leaders is a comprehensive Educator Training Program, launched by Change the World Trust in 2010, motivating educators in difficult and under-resourced schools.
• Hands-on Coding Bootcamps: Inspire entrepreneurial and problem-solving youth

Jonathan D. Novotny is the Projects Director – Trustee of the Change the World Trust (CTW).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.