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Civil Society Initiative (CSI)

Shorsh Street 101, alley 14, House No. 2
Sulaimaniya Governorate, Kurdistan Region

Contact person: Namo Sh. Majeed

+964 (0)7701547965, +964(0)7501166337


  • Human rights
  • Peace politics
  • Media project

About us

Civil Society Initiative (CSI) is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit organization established in April 2004 in Sulaimaniya, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. CSI is active in the field of advocacy of human rights and civic education. CSI vision: A society in which principles of democracy and values of citizenship are implanted. CSI mission: to work to create change towards a civil society in which human rights, principles of democracy and rule of law are guaranteed.


- National Reconciliation (Gathering Diverse Groups to Support National Reconciliation): To contribute in the whole process of reconciliation campaign been launched by the Government of Iraq to return peace and stability to the country CSI, in partnership with CSDS-Kirkuk (Cultural and Social Development Society in Kirkuk), supported by UNOPS has started work on a reconciliation project through engaging different groups with different ethnicity, religions and others representing the diversity of the Iraqi communities to address them to fruitful participation in the political process which in result serves the main goal of the project which is reconciliation of these groups.

The activities of the project include: A series of 8 episodes of a bi-monthly Radio program in Arabic (2) TV and (2) Radio spots. Printing (2) leaflets (each 5.000 copies = 10000 copies), one poster (20.000 copies) in four languages (Arabic, Kurdish, Turkumani and Assyrians). Producing (4) road signs to be hanged in the in the entrance of cities in the targeted areas. Issuing 2 different booklets (the same topics in Kurdish and Arabic languages), (4 booklets, each 3.000 copies= 12.000 copies totally). Conducting 10 workshops in 10 areas. Holding (6) open dialogue sessions to establish a face to face dialogue among the groups.

- Connecting Government and citizens: The main objective of the project is to increase the awareness of active citizens, NGO representatives, and government employees in Sulamaniya, Kirkuk and Erbil of the basic principles of civic participation, government accountability and their respective rights and responsibilities.

The program will include a series of 20 workshops on principles of government monitoring and accountability for 400 participants from Sulaymania, Kirkuk and Erbil, six Open Dialogue sessions between seminar participants and local government officials as well as production of a film illustrating key information on government functions, accountability, and citizens rights and responsibilities under the new Iraqi constitution, and use the film as a teaching tool to educate 750 citizens in each of the three regions.

For other net participants we can offer expert guidance through trained staff and deliver a lecture in the field of our work.