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Comrades of Children Overseas

14 Blandford Square
NE1 4HZ Newcastle Upon Tyne
United Kingdom

Contact person: Lucy Philipson

+44 (0)191 261 7427
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  • Commune, community project
  • Educational policy/project
  • Women's policy
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Founded by former Olympic athlete Steve Cram in 2000, COCO has since raised over £2 Million, helping to fund children’s projects in developing countries, primarily those in Africa. Currently COCO are working in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and Ghana.

COCO is a registered international children’s charity working on closely monitored education and healthcare initiatives that make a big difference to the lives of children living in poverty throughout the developing world.

COCO aims to improve the lives of children living in poverty through health and education initiatives. We work with local communities at the grass roots level to support projects that are needs centred, efficient and sustainable.

COCO fund small projects that encourage community involvement and capacity building and projects that represent an investment in and a commitment to brighter futures for children.

COCO is an international development charity that empowers disadvantaged people in Africa to improve their own lives.

We achieve this by working closely with local communities to address the needs of their children by providing:
• Education
• Healthcare
• Income generation
• Shelter
• Sanitation

COCO’s Projects
• Tanzania: COCO aims to address the gap in education and healthcare for children by establishing vocational training centres, improving classrooms and providing sanitation facilities and access to nutrition and water.
• Uganda: COCO’s work in Uganda focuses on educating young people about the dangers of HIV/AIDS in addition to providing income generation schemes for people living with the virus so that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle and afford to send their children to school.
• Kenya: COCO is working with community hospitals and schools in Kenya to address the sanitation and health needs of the high populations near the capital and in the West of the country where HIV prevalence is at its highest.
• South Africa: COCO’s work in South Africa goes from strength to strength and addresses issues related to the high HIV and poverty rates in the region. iThemba Lethu provides a safe haven for abandoned babies whilst elsewhere COCO supports projects that work with street children.
• Ghana: In Ghana, COCO is working to address inequalities that girls in particular have to education through the provision of classrooms and vocational training in some of the North’s most remote regions.

Lucy Philipson is the Director of COCO.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

This photograph was taken at a secondary school in a township just outside Durban, South Africa. These children are supported though a COCO-funded project, iThemba Lethu, and provided with the education and information they need to stay free from HIV in a country where the odds are stacked against them.