Netzkraft Movement

Association for Protection of Environment and Culture


40 Dharma Bhakta marga, Hatkhola Road
Biratnagar-10, Morang

Contact person: Bhandari, Medini

+ 977-21-30803
+ 977-21-24099


  • Commune, community project
  • Ecological research/futurology
  • Environmental project

About us

APEC-NEPAL is a non governmental, non profit, membership based organization of Nepal, established on 1988.

The general objectives of the association are, to extend help in the protection of biological diversity such as wildlife, wetland species, forest resources and development of the nation by organising individuals and experts towards conservation of natural resources and their sustainable use. To achieve these goals, the association intends to involve itself in the following activities:

- to conserve the biological diversity, by protecting the wetland and wetland species, by conserving the water and water species, by conserving the forest and wildlife,
- to make people aware in the field of environment and culture, by monitoring and analysing of environmental system and publication of information in following field: forest resources depletion and degradation, wildlife habitat loss and indigenous knowledge and change,
- to bring together individual scholars, social workers and representatives of various rural communities, who are interested and willing to work towards the achievement of aims and objectives of the association,
- conduct study and research of various wetland species, wild species, forestry, ecological and economic aspects of rural areas and arrange for publication of such studies with a view, to disseminate information and create expertise in the association of these fields and areas,
- to hold seminars among with the rural people about the conservation of wetland, preservation of wildlife, forest and protection of environment by spreading must current information through various means,
- to establish a well-stocked library of the APEC etc.

Mr. Medini Bhandari is one of the founders of the Association.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the following field of our work.