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Cognisci Information Systems and Technologies for Development Foundation (CISTDF)

1 Olanipekun Street, Ososami Road
200253 Ibadan

Contact person: Timi O Ogunjobi

+234 08085007469


  • Educational policy/project
  • Environmental project
  • Media project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Cognisci Information Systems and Technologies for Development Foundation (CISTDF), registered in Nigeria in 2012 as a Non-Governmental Organisation, works on diverse projects which accelerate social development and foster the well-being of marginalized persons and communities. CISTDF seeks to maximize the potentials and effectiveness of existing infrastructures relating to health, social development, employment, education, women, children and youth.

Mission Statement
• To create and promote publications, software, training resources relevant to the development of health, employment, grassroots social development and education.
• To empower women, children and youth participation as agents of social development and change.
• To facilitate the cooperation of professional groups and interests towards creating and implementing grass roots development and social change.

Our projects:
• Library Aid: We are organising a "Library Aid" project which will stock some community and school libraries in Nigeria with educational and leisure books.
• Learning and Health Management Systems and Projects: Development, aggregation and dissemination of resource for poverty alleviation and health management projects. This to be implemented by: - Creating appropriate software and hardware development to facilitate access to resources across devices and taking into consideration local situations; - Workshops at local level to disseminate information on access to resources.
• Children Literature Localization Projects: Development and implementation of localization projects for public domain literary works to make them more accessible in the education of children. The project is implemented by: - Collection and classification of suitable public domain works, as well as solicitation of other works for inclusion under Creative Commons licenses; - Creating an online framework for co-development of resources across various genre and languages as well as software to facilitate access to resources across devices.
• Orphanage Aid: We are regularly organising solicitations toward procurement of recreational and vocational skills equipment for local orphanages and children´s homes in Nigeria.

CISTD has launched and currently sustains the following initiatives:
• OpenGriot: Free books and mobile-based educational tools for children.
• Anfani Health: Free and open source Electronic Health Records (EHR) software resources or improving health infrastructures.
• Africa Volunteers: Online volunteering platform for soliciting participation in community projects Africa-wide.
• CISTDF Forums: ICT-centered technology fairs, workshops, seminars and conferences.
• Orphanage Reachout: Provides funds for developing creative life skills in the children through activities relating to the Arts (e.g musical instruments, acting, media) and to ICT (software skills), as well as for occasional outings such as Christmas dinners and Easter picnics.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

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