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Change For Youth International Inc.

7927 15th Ave Apt# 202
Hyattsville, MD, 20783
United States

Contact person: Mutama, Charles

+1 240 505 5894


  • Aid organization
  • Peace politics
  • Educational policy/project

About us

Change for Youth international is a not for profit organization established in the USA to address the problems of poverty that the youth experience because of problems they face as a result of natural and man made disasters, conflicts, poverty, poor health, civil strife and environmental degradation. We help in providing opportunities, hope and meaning to youth and encourage them to strive hard to become leaders of tomorrow. In the United States of America Change for Youth International is undertaking the following programs:

- Peace Education Program: We provide peace education to our youth. Often we hear about youth crime on the increase. We read the statistics and are greatly disturbed. We are concerned about every youth crime and every incarcerated youth. We want to understand their situation, their anger with one another and communities or neighborhoods. We want to understand their desire for guns, gangs, drugs, sex and hatred. We want them to understand how everyone is connected in a neighborhood, community, school and in every gathering. We teach the youth to value one another and everyone around them and hence live in social harmony. We teach youth leaders, teachers in elementary, middle and high schools and other community groups by giving them tools to start their own peace education programs. We have developed a training package which every trainer receives upon going through our training. The package enables trainers to start their own youth training program for peace.

- Relief and Family Rehabilitation: We collect medical supplies, pharmaceutical supplies, computers, tools, building supplies and materials, food items, school supplies, clothing, old vehicles, boats and other essential items. These materials are used locally and internationally in war torn countries and post war countries where youth have been indoctrinated into the insurgency or pro-government militia.

- Family Education: We have recognzined that children and youth become the victims when families separate. The family members share the children and youth between them. There are many experiences where children or youth are abandoned, exploited and prone to many socio-economic harsh realities. We advocate for favorable policies in the state government and at federal levels to enable families to be together. We educate on marriage and family harmony and show how couples can find strength as they focus on their children together. There are many communities that need this type of education.

- Mission Trips: We organize mission trips overseas in the areas of health, development, computer training, building, recreation, music, writing and journalism, teaching, environmental education, gender education and human rights. All all of these will be preparing youth for leadership and responsible citizenship. Youth ex-change missions also come under this program.

For other net participants we can give an expert opinion, deliver a lecture and establish new contacts in the field of our work.