Netzkraft Movement

Bündnis Marburg Regional

Deutschhausstr. 28
35037 Marburg

Contact person: Schumacher, Werner

+49 (0)6426/928145


  • Commune, community project
  • Alternative economy
  • Overnight facilities

About us

The Bündnis Marburg Regional (Marburg Regional Alliance) organises a regional currency project in the mid-Hesse region. The purpose of the project is to strengthen the purchasing power of the region and to instigate a sustainable ecologically and socially orientated stimulation of the economy.

The Marburg Regional Alliance also promotes and supports creative economic and social approaches which deserve consideration as ways of solving the problem of a social and financial system which is in deficit..

We can offer other net participants overnight facilities on request. In addition we can offer guidance, give lectures and provide assistance with contacts in the field of regional currency, basic income, renewable energy.