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Die Kinderschutz-Zentren

Bundesarbeitsgem. der Kinderschutz-Zentren e.V.

Bonner Str. 151
50968 Köln

Contact person: Kröhnert, Arthur

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  • Human rights
  • Social policy/disabled persons

About us

The child protection centre is mainly set up as an advice centre for families with problems of violence, in particular in the case of physical and psychical child abuse, neglect of children and sexual abuse.

The objectives and tasks of the child protection centre are to reduce, to avoid, respectively to prevent violence against children, child abuse, neglect of children and sexual abuse by development, application and passing on special aids which start at the roots of violence.

Modern child protection means:

- orientation for help: "help instead of punishment "
- assistance for the whole family: ""No splitting into offenders and victims."
- citizen-friendly and service-oriented:"Flexible assistance coming from one hand."
- cooperation in the aid system:"Cooperation instead of competition."
- early low-level assistance:"Prevention instead of reaction."

The offer of the child protection centres comprises work with affected families or single members of the families (crisis intervention, advice and therapies, social and pedagogical family assistance, in-patient offers in children's communes, offender work), work with specialized collaborators (advice, coordination, networking, care in the course of life, further education, supervision) as well as prevention and public relations work.

Child protection centres are represented in 18 German towns with 30 institutions. They are sponsors of the independent youth aid according to § 75 KJHG and offer anonymous advice free of charge and upon request. Apart from that, the child protection centres stand up for the further expansion of new centres for training and further education and for the devlopment of child protection concepts.

Apart from our work, we offer information, moreover, we offer possibilities for further education for specialized collaborators, we organize and develop preventive offers for day-nurseries, schools and homes and we participate in the edition of specialist publications.