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Manjai Kunda, Serekunda

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COVID-19 response: Project Aid The Gambia donates 34 ventilators to Ministry of Health
Manjai Kunda, August 20th, 2020 Today, Project Aid The Gambia and the German Embassy Office in The Gambia handed over 34 ventilators with additional medical accessories and 18 hospital beds to the Gambian Ministry of Health at Project Aid’s Headquarters in Manjai Kunda. The 34 ventilators are donations, gathered by Project Aid The Gambia from two medical supplier companies in Germany. The ventilators will be used for the treatment of the increasing number of seriously ill COVID-19 patients. The ventilators have a new value of approx. 11 m GMD. The German Embassy in The Gambia is contributing with a donation of more additional medical accessories for the ventilators worth 400,000 GMD. This equipment will be shipped to The Gambia as soon as possible. More details here:

About us

Project Aid The Gambia was founded in 1985 as Project Aid The Thirld World and was renamed in 2015 to Project Aid The Gambia. Project Aid The Gambia is state registered in The Gambia as International NGO A57. Project Aid The Gambia is funded by its partner organization Projekthilfe Gambia e.V., a state registered and state-approved charity NGO based in Hattingen, Germany.

• Jahaly Health Centre (“Buschklinik”): Jahaly Health Centre, located in the Central River Region CRR, serves up to 46,000 patients per year – outpatients as well as inpatients – and is considered one of the country’s best rural health facilities. In 2009 it has been recognized by the Gambian government as a “model clinic”. Jahaly Health Centre is equipped with three consultation rooms, two wards, a laboratory, a pharmacy, an ambulance car and a maternity ward.
• Jahaly/Madina Kindergarten with nursery school: In 2004 Project Aid The Gambia opened the Jahaly/Madina kindergarten with nursery school for 240 children. The kindergarten is located right next to the Jahaly Health Centre. The cost for construction and operation of the first three years were financed through a charity fundraising program of RTL German Television. The requests of parents to provide more seats in kindergarten and nursery school has since increased steadily. In 2014 afternoon classes were introduced. This made it possible to now care for up to 480 children.
• Gardening projects: Project Aid The Gambia supports four gardening projects in the villages of Jahaly and its sister village Madina through fencing and building wells. About 1,000 women cultivate their own beds with a total size of more than 100,000 m².On their plots the women grow green tomatoes, onions, pepper, okra, garden-eggs, salads, cabbage, carrots, sweet potatoes and many more vegetables.
• Eco-friendly smoke-free ovens: In 2010 Project Aid started to develop eco-friendly ovens, which are meant to replace the traditional open fires people use to cook with in the villages. The ovens save a lot of fire wood and make cooking more comfortable as the smoke does not longer cause diseases of eyes or irritations of the respiratory path. They also decrease the risk of burn injuries among children.
• Moringa tree plantation: Since 2013 a Moringa tree plantation with 10,000 trees is being grown on a site behind Jahaly Health Centre and kindergarten. Moringa Oleifera is the most nutritious plant in the world. The production and sale of "The Gambia Moringa" products (currently oil and soap) in Europe is creating jobs in Jahaly and is intended to put the projects on a sustainable financial basis in the long term. All proceeds from the sale flow directly back into the projects.
• Overseas treatment for severely ill Gambian children: Project Aid The Gambia–in cooperation with the German charity “Friedensdorf (Peace Village) International” is organizing overseas treatment in Germany - which often means life-saving surgeries - for severely sick and injured Gambian children, who can not be treated in The Gambia. The Children travel to and stay in Germany without their parents. Project Aid advices and supports the parents in The Gambia by preparing their children’s trip, organizes passports and visa and also flight tickets. Children with e.g. congenital malformations, severe burns or chronic inflammation are treated mostly free of charge in hospitals throughout Germany. As by the end of 2019 70 Gambian children were successfully treated in Germany.
• Cooperation with the Government of The Gambia: Project Aid The Gambia regularly receives aid containers with medical equipment shipped to The Gambia by the German partner organization, to support improving the Gambian governmental health care system, and advises the Gambian government (Ministry of Health – MOH) in issues of rural health care.
• Health Center Buniadu: Since 2017 Project Aid The Gambia has also been operating the small Health Centre in the village of Buniadu, North Bank Region NBR. The Health Centre sees about 1,000 patients per month. In 2018 Project Aid constructed a European styled staff quarter for the two nurses in charge as well as for European volunteers. The Health Center Buniadu is organized in the same way as Jahaly Health Centre. It was founded and it is still funded by the German charity NGO Riverboat Doctors International e.V.
• Buniadu Kindergarten with nursery school: Since 2018 Project Aid The Gambia has also been operating the small kindergarten in the village of Buniadu, NBR, which is located next to the Health Center Buniadu. In 2018 Project Aid extended the kindergarten by one classroom. Now around 100 children come to the kindergarten every day. The kindergarten is funded by the German charity NGO Riverboat Doctors International e.V..

Matthias Ketteler is founding member and board member of Project Aid The Gambia as well as of Projekthilfe Gambia e.V.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

The Jahaly Health Centre is located in rural Gambia - 270 km from the coastal region
The Jahaly Health Centre was inaugurated in May 1991
The Jahaly Health Centre is funded by Projekthilfe Gambia – our German partner organization
Even the beds in the main ward are bricked and tiled - an innovative idea
The Jahaly Health Centre has treated around 1 million outpatients since 1991. Medicines are free.
All of the clinic buildings are regularly maintained and renovated and still look the same today as they did on the day they opened 30 years ago
The Jahaly / Madina kindergarten with preschool is located right next to the Jahaly Health Centre in the village of Jahaly and was built in 2003/2004 for 240 children - supported by a fundraising program of RTL German Television.
Today, up to 480 children are cared for in the kindergarten - since 2014 in a two-shift system
The operation of the kindergarten and the Jahaly Health Centre is funded exclusively through donations.
All children receive a free hot lunch Monday through Friday in addition to an excellent early childhood education.
Project Aid The Gambia supports four women cooperatives and their vegetable gardens in Jahaly and in the neighboring village of Madina
In the gardens around 1,000 women grow vegetables for their families and sell the rest in the surrounding markets.
Since 2010, Project Aid The Gambia has built 150 eco-friendly stoves in Jahaly and Madina. They save firewood and are supposed to replace the traditional open fireplaces, where children often get severe burns.
Since 2012, Project Aid The Gambia has enabled 70 seriously injured or sick Gambian children to undergo an often life-saving overseas treatment in Germany - a cooperation with Friedensdorf (Peace Village) International.
In Jahaly we run a plantation with around 10,000 moringa trees next to to the Jahaly Health Centre.
The Moringa plantation creates jobs - the sale of Moringa products in Germany is intended to ensure the long-term financial existence of the projects.
From the pods and seeds of the moringa trees, Project Aid The Gambia produces moringa soap and valuable moringa oil.
In 2011/2012 Project Aid The Gambia built a model clinic based on the example of the Jahaly Health Centre in the village of Njaba Kunda and handed it over to the Gambian Ministry of Health
In the Njaba Kunda Health Centre, too, the beds are bricked and tiled, making them easy to keep clean.
Since 2017 Project Aid The Gambia has also been running the small Buniadu Health Center - in cooperation with the German Charity NGO Riverboat Doctors International
Project Aid The Gambia regularly receives aid containers with medical equipment from our German partner organization in order to improve the health system in The Gambia.
The most recent container arrived in August 2020 with 34 ventilators and 18 hospital beds, which were handed over to the Ministry of Health at a press conference.
Project Aid The Gambia recently donated an amount of 23,000 reusable mouth-nose masks to 50 governmental health facilities in rural Gambia.