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Asociación Colombiana de ONG para las Comunicaciones vía Correo electrónico

Av. 39 No. 14-66
1 Bogotá

Contact person: Casasbuenas, Julián

+57 1 2324246
+57 1 3380264


  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Media project

About us

The aim of Colnodo is to improve the exchange of information for the development and improvement of the quality of life of Columbians. The organisation wants to improve the exchange of information in the country and to facilitate communication with the world creating new means and space where all can participate.

As a service provider of information (since 1933) and of access to the internet, Colnodo supports organizations and persons which commit themselves to the development of Colombia.

Colnodo is a non-profit Colombian information network. It has extensive experience in the development of electronic networks at low cost. It has a professional team that collaborates with the users of the net helping them to find special information, to find solutions for their technical problems, to design and set-up internet sites, intranets etc.


- Computer unities in districts (UIBs) in marginal areas of Bogotá,
- common internet entrance (telelens centers) for material of UNESCO/APC,
- multimedia training kits about topics like human rights, improvement of the situation of women,
- environment, housing ...

For other net participants we can offer counselling, guidance, lectures.