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Tierschutzverein Notpfote Animal Rescue e.V.

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Korveyer Straße 16
40468 Düsseldorf

Contact person: Tom Terveer

+49 2137 - 99 86 330; 0162 2471587
+49 3222 - 14 86 096


  • Aid organization
  • Environmental organization
  • Educational policy/project

About us

The association Emergency Animal Rescue is a registered animal welfare association in Düsseldorf, which has been registered since 2013 and has offices in Neuss, Mönchengladbach, Wuppertal, Essen and Bielefeld. It cooperates successfully with animal shelters by using social networks to help them to mediate animals which have been in the shelters for a long time.
At the same time, we support our partner animal shelters in Hungary, Romania and Spain with food donations, castration projects and mediation. This provides these animals with an additional chance of a secure life, and the German animal shelters a cost relief by increased fluctuation in their stock.

As part of our social responsibility, we have deliberately opted for animal protection, because animals have no lobby, no voice. In addition to the support of large organizations such as PeTA and Sea Shepherd, an environmentally friendly - and proven healthier - vegetarian / vegan lifestyle, we were looking for further opportunities for meaningful engagement and found this in active international animal protection.

• Emergency Animal Rescue was established to help homeless animals and animals in need. In all well-known holiday countries, but of course also in Germany, there are many street animals that all too often come to a bad end.
• In addition, most of these suffering feral animals are not castrated and can multiply uncontrolledly. We support various projects and animal shelters that accept these animals. Material, feed and money donations are collected by us and used for animal protection purposes or forwarded directly to the animal shelters.
• We have long been cooperating with the Györ animal shelter in Hungary and the Asociatia HAR in Romania, but we are not only confined to these animal shelters, but are always available where support is urgently needed.
• We also try to provide "help for self-help" in order to defuse the most dramatic situations on the ground in the long term.
• We regard animal protection as "limitless" and try, among other things, to sensitize the southern European population through education and information on the issue of animal welfare. We cooperate with the international veterinary offices, animal shelters and NGOs and are authorized for the TRACES system of the EU.
• At the same time, we take on animals which are easy to mediate from our partner animal shelters in Hungary, Spain and Romania every week. This offers the animals an additional chance of a secure life and the German animal shelters a cost relief by increased fluctuation in their stock.
• We are always on the lookout for support, whether as temporary carers, as representatives for pre- and / or post-control, as part of emergency driver chains, private donors or company sponsors.

Tom Terveer is on the committee of Emergency Animal Rescue.

Nach Absprache können wir für andere Netzteilnehmer eine Beratung durchführen, ein Referat halten, aktuelle Fachinformationen und Kontakte vermitteln auf dem Gebiet unserer Arbeit.

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