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Nobel Aid Africa Foundation (NAAF)

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Contact person: Edmond Tibah, Gloria Kurenty

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As the day draw closer to this year's Menstrual Hygiene Day, our hard-working menstrual hygiene department team members are rolling up their sleeves and lacing their shoes for the menstrual hygiene year.

One of their biggest challenges since last year is how the price of sanitary product has constantly keep increasing and the inability of the team to meet their target. This year we are hoping to get more support and donations through individuals and organizations who believe in what we do.

Through #1Pad4Her initiative our team was able to educate about 2000 girls in menstrual hygiene management and also distribute free sanitary pads to these young girls. With the current surge in the price of Sanitary pad our target groups in remote communities will find it extremely difficult to afford one during their period, therefore we are pleading for your support in order to reach out to these girls.

About us

Nobel Aid Africa Foundation (NAAF) is an NGO which aims to help the less privileged to realize their dreams and also empower future generation through education
As an organisation with varied experience in the fields of health, education and tourism, our goal is to open the corridors of education to every individual, especially children in rural communities who don't have access and supporting the girl child in breaking the taboos and norms about menstruation in order to end period poverty.

• The biggest obstacle going to school is still the lack of funds for many parents in remote communities. Therefore, NAAF awards scholarships to school children that cover half or full amount of the school fees, as well as the cost of study materials.
• The NAAF menstrual hygiene department provide training on Menstrual Hygiene Management for over 550 to 1000 girls every year through the One Pad For Her initiative. Through this initiative sanitary pads are given to the girls free of charge, because many girls cannot afford hygiene items during their menstruation and have to stay at home for the duration of their period due to a lack of sanitary pads. Clothing is also organized for particularly poor children.
• Since May 28th, 2015 - NAAF has been commemorating world menstrual hygiene day in some remote communities in Ghana, in 2021 we partnered with Bunter Bund foundation to have a long-term campaign with which we want to take action together against the taboo and stigmatization of menstruation in Ghana. NAAF will be holding more seminars across the country educating girls and young women about menstruation, what happens inside their body, and sex. As always, all participants will receive free pads after the seminar.

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.