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African Childrens Haven

4012 Pirates Beach
Galveston, Texas
United States

Contact person: Edward W. Sulzberger

+1 77554-8035


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons

About us

African Childrens Haven is a non profit NGO, founded in 2007, which serves more than 700 children and their families. Our projects focus on the most vulnerable members of society, especially orphans and girls. Because we ourselves are small, we can provide services directly to children that might not otherwise receive support from large non-profits or international donors

Our mission is to help African children lead healthier, more productive lives. To achieve that goal we provide funding for projects that support orphans and girls, ensure that kids receive an education and make sure that they’re well cared for and secure.

What we do
• Orphan Care: African Childrens Haven provides support to four orphan care programs in some of the areas hardest hit by the disease.
• Preventing Childhood Marriage and Genital Mutilation: African Childrens Haven helps fight these illegal practices by supporting safe houses that shelters hundreds of such girls. We also provide educational scholarships that take the girls out of harm’s way and provides them with the opportunity to forge a better life.
• Scholarships: Educating children, especially girls and young women, provides long-terms results that enhance family well-being and helps to grow communities.
• Support for Teachers: Each year, African Childrens Haven helps pay the salaries and health insurance for hard working teachers at small community-run schools located in slum neighborhoods. Each of these teachers works under difficult conditions for very small pay. We help by ensuring that they’re paid on time and by providing a bit of security for their families.
• Protecting Vulnerable Children: We invest in after school programs that keep children active through sports and other recreational activities. We’re also working to build computer labs where kids can develop new skills and access learning resources that enhance their studies.
• Nutrition: African Childrens Haven helps by financing school feeding programs that in some cases supply as many as three meals a day. Making sure that kids have enough to eat enhances their performance and helps ensure that they develop both physically as well as mentally.
• Preventing HIV/AIDS: We also invest in educational programs that work to keep children healthy and safe. In addition to providing access to health care and healthy school lunches, we also support sex education. The project, which emphasizes the ABCs … abstain, be faithful and use condoms … helps to educate tens of thousands of young people in rural areas that are most often left untouched by government public health programs.
• Breaching the Digital Divide: Working with our partners at the Starkid School and Rescue Center and with our Carole Cole Scholarship Programme students in Tanzania, we’re working to teach computer literacy skills that will lead to jobs and help fuel Africa’s growing economies.

• Happy Home Orphanage
• Judah Education Centre
• Mission With A Vision
• Overseers Education Centre
• Starkid School and Rescue Centre
• The ABCs of Sex Education
• Vumilia Children’s Home
• Mercy Center
• Carole Cole Scholarship Programme
• Fanaka Secondary Memorial School
• Draw Your Dreams

Ed Sulzberger is a Co-Founder and the Executive Director of African Childrens Haven.

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