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Meg Wah (My Earth)

Kawah street, Bomaka
Molyko Buea

Contact person: Ako Peter Agbor

+237 680 528 108; +237 6 75 97 08 06


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Less than half of Cameroon is forested. Almost 1% is lost annually due to population increase and its over dependency on the natural resources of the forest for their survival. At this alarming rate of deforestation, the next generation may not have a forest to interact with at all. With your help, 20 kids will plant and care for 100 indigenous fruit tree seeds. Within 3 to 5 years and with the right care and attention they will grow, just like the 20 Ecokids to become big, strong and fruitful.

This project is contesting for the Global Giving Foundation June Accelerator. Please follow the link below to read more about the project and make a donation towards the project.

About us

Meg-Wah (My Earth), founded in August 2016 by Ako Peter, is a non profit and non governmental organization that wants to create an eco-friendly mind-set in Cameroon. Our head office is in Kawah street Buea, South West Region of Cameroon.
According to the U.N. FAO, 42.1% of Cameroon is forested. Of these forest cover, approximately 1% is lost annually. The main cause of the lost is population increase and over dependency on natural resources for survival. There has been unsustainable exploitation of these resources which is causing significant environmental degradation. Local community members who live close to these resources are found to suffer the most when degradation occurs because they depend solely on these resources for their lives and livelihoods.
Meg Wah wants to see a Cameroon where humans live in harmony with nature by empowering youths to become environmental ambassadors and enabling communities to solve problems themselves, through a variety of engagement, policy changes and restoration activities.

To see a Cameroon where humans live and thrive in harmony with nature.

To empower and enable community members to solve local environmental problems.

What we do
• Reducing the alarming Deforestation rate in Cameroon in particular and the entire Congo Basin Forest in general by using the Ecosystem and community based approaches, Agroforestry, Afforestation, Re-afforestation and Permaculture.
• Raising young Environmental Ambassadors that will champion the course for a safer and greener planet earth through: Eco-Camp, community Orchards for Kids by Kids, Out Door Environmental Education.
• Promote Organic Agriculture through the use of indigenous seeds and by harnessing and promoting local and scientific farming methods that enhances environmental sustainability and food production
• Work with communities experiencing water shortages to make water accessible and available to all.
• Advocate for sustainable Environmental policies through multi stakeholder involvement.
• Train youth leaders that can efficiently and effectively work for environmental and social change in their various communities.

• Community Orchard for Kids by Kids; This project seeks to break the cycle of deforestation and overexploitation of land by combining environmental stewardship and economic opportunity: Trained local children plant and care for the fruit-producing trees. The fruit will then be sold to create economic incentives for villagers as a method to prevent further cutting and burning of the area's precious forests.
• EcoKids; The alarming deforestation, devastating climate change and the deterioration environment puts the future of our children to question. This project was initiated for 30 children (5 to 15 years) in and around the Mt Cameroon National Park for an experiential environmental education. The goal of the project is to Raise Young Environmental Ambassadors that will champion the course for a greener, sustainable and safer planet earth. The trained 30 environmental ambassadors are actively educating their peers in their communities and schools. This we believe will go a long way to raise young leaders that are environmentally aware and that will take proactive actions towards environmental restoration and hence limit the rate of forest loss in Cameroon.
• Harnessing and promoting local and traditional knowledge in conservation. This project aims at harnessing and scaling up a hidden proven local solution or sustainable farming practice of integrating cocoa in already existing wild durra palm lands and make it known in to other cocoa farming communities in the entire Wabane communities, South West Region of Cameroon. 50 cocoa farming households were identified and trained on the local sustainable farming practice, a learning platform thatwill allow over 100 famers to interact and learn this proven local sustainable farming practice through workshops, group discussion and brainstorming, farm to farm exchange visits was created.
• Eco-Camp: Goals are to raise young environmental ambassadors/leaders that will champion the course for a healthier, cleaner and safer environment; Caused a mindset shift and build habits in children towards environmental restoration; To raise awareness of critical environmental problems among children so they can be part of the solution.
• Agroforesty Project: Meg Wah is currently carrying on a pilot agroforestry project in a village named Tali 1, South West Region of Cameroon. The goal of the project is to reduce deforestation and enhance livelihoods. Meg Wah wants to create a tree nursery with 3000 agroforestry trees that will benefit 30 trained cocoa farming families. Elementary school children will function as caretakers of the trees. In the long run the project will increase the carbon sink, water and nutrient retention ability of the Tali 1 community. If successful, the project will be replicated to benefit other families in the region.
• Leadership Training: Meg Wah has trained 15 unemployed youths within Fako division, south west region of Cameroon as volunteer ambassadors for environmental protection. The training was aimed at giving them leadership skills and practical skills to conduct environmental education lessons outside the class room. The leadership skills among others includes; effective communication, critical thinking, project management basics, managing people and time. At the end of their training, they are presently working with Meg Wah to teach outdoor environmental education in kindergartens and secondary schools within Fako division.

Ako Peter Agbor is the Founder of Meg-Wah (My Earth).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.

Our Agroforestry Project in Tali Community, South West Region of Cameroon.
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