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Botanischer Verein zu Hamburg e.V.

Op de Elg 19a
22393 Hamburg

Contact person: Bertram, Horst

+49 40/6015053
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  • Environmental organization

About us

Since 1891, the "Botanische Verein" has been organizing excusions to the surroundings of Hamburg to get acquainted with plants and their environment thanks to the willingness of honorary members. The range of subjects is a colourful mixture: mosses, blackberries, park wood, mushrooms and plants of unusual sites are looked at, but also the world of small animals from dragon-flies and butterflies up to grasshoppers, snails and mussels. From October to March, lectures are given which deal with both, exotic vegetation and the world-wide threats to nature. We offer "natural-history excursions" to school classes for a better understanding of nature.

A new programme is prepared every three months; in addition to that, there are the up-to-date "Mitteilungen" (communications) as well as the annually published "Berichte des Botanischen Vereins zu Hamburg" (reports of the botanical association of Hamburg). There are special teams for lichen and mushrooms.

Nature conversation plays an outstanding role in the work of the association. We have a certain say when prohibitions for natural reserves are abolished, in country planning and public works planning procedures with interference in nature and landscape in the city of Hamburg. As a member of the nature conservancy association of the Land Schleswig-Holstein we are also active in the northern sourrounding area.

We take care of various natural monuments. Helpers are always welcome here, because we have no employees. We are therefore happy, if we find members who take over excursions, arrange for inspections, organize exhibitions and many other things. Everyone who joins our association for botany, nature conservation and rural conservation is warmly welcome.

In the summer semester, we organize excursions and inspections, exhibitions and more. In winter, we offer lectures, among other things about exotic vegetation and the world-wide threat to nature. A newsletter appears annually