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BESCO – Hilfe für Bangladesch e.V.

Kieferndorfer Weg 51
91315 Hoechstadt an der Aisch

Contact person: Dr. Hamidul Haque

+49 (0)9193 507487, Mobil: +49 (0)171 577 7352
+49 (0)9193 507487


  • Aid for developing countries
  • Women's policy
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

The association "BESCO-Hilfe für Bangladesch e.V." (BESCO – Help for Bangladesh, a registered association) was founded in 2006 by Dr. Hamidul Haque. It is a non-profit charitable voluntary relief organization for educational and socio-cultural development in Bangladesh. BESCO is an acronym for Bangladesh Educational & Socio-Cultural Organization.

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries of the world. More than half of the population are illiterate, for the women it is even 73%. Altogether, there is a lack of teachers, schools and school material. Secondary schools are rare in rural regions. Many children cannot even finish primary school and have to start working to support their parents financially. A very little financial help (e.g. 3 EURO per month) can support the school education of a pupil. A basic medical care practically doesn't exist in rural areas. This is problematic particularly for women since many are suppressed and maltreated.

The association supports, motivates and helps people belonging to all classes of the society primarily, however, the poorest in the sectors of the school education, the social help, the cultural help, the humanitarian help and the medical help. This help would enable the poor people to help themselves (a sustainable self-help) and to lead a life worthy of a human being.

Our on-going projects:

• Construction and operation of a primary school in the village Madhpur
• Training course “Sewing” for disadvantaged women
• Counselling against child marriage
• Support for the equal rights of women (gender equality)
• First aid and counselling for the medical care of the disadvantaged women
• Financial support to good pupils from poorest families
• Financial support to the existing primary-/ secondary schools and
• Building and operation of a basic health care center in the village Madhpur.

Our target projects:

• Building and operation of a school center
• Building and operation of a women center

The projects are realized by the fund raised from the donations, sponsorships und membership fees. The projects in Bangladesh are executed by our partner BESCO/Bangladesh and are supervised by a committee from BESCO/Germany (e.g., by inspection of the project progress).

Dr. Hamidul Haque is the founder und chairman of BESCO/Germany.

On request, we can offer other net participants a consultation, make a presentation. We can provide up-to-date information and contacts in the field of our work

Die fast fertige BESCO Grundschule im März 2010 (Zahl der SchülerInnen = 182) The BESCO Primary School in March 2010 (No. of pupils = 182)
Ein Klassenzimmer der BESCO Grundschule A class room of BESCO Primary School
Übergabe der finanziellen Förderung an eine Schülerin der BESCO- Grundschule Financial support to a pupil of BESCO- Primary School
Übergabe der finanziellen Förderung an eine Schülerin einer anderen Grundschule in Kushtia Financial support to a pupil of another Primary School in Kushtia
Ausbilderin und die Kursteilnehmerinnen Instructor and the course participants
Die Krankenschwester bei ihrer Arbeit in der gesundheitlichen Beratungsstelle. The nurse at work at the health counselling center
Am Bauplatz der geplanten Krankenstation Site fort the BESCO Health Center