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Asociación Ecológica del Oriente (ASEO)

Calle fortin Corrales # 3, radial 19, calle7, Nº150 (Los Mangales)
4831-1330 Santa Cruz

Contact person: Urbelinda Ferrufino Arnez



  • Environmental organization
  • Environmental project
  • Educational policy/project
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

ASEO, the Ecological association of East Bolivia is an NGO of volunteers. Its mission is to promote the sustainable development of the East of Bolivia and of the whole country by the common work of its members.

The organization coordinates its activities with universities, schools, unions, federations, women's organizations, churches, municipalities, rural organizations and other NGOs. It is a member of the IUCN, The International Network against Desertification, and of the League for the Defense of the Environment.

The association runs projects in rural communities and municipalities. Its special strengths in this field are: women's qualifications, education in environmental problems, training, orientation, legislation and financial assistance (reafforestation, beekeeping, training programs), disposal of domestic waste.

The results so far:

- ASEO has become a leader in the area in subjects such as environmental education and mobilization of the people ecology and natural resources (laws, supervision, alternatives for sustainable development).
- The work with volunteers causes many problems with regard to maintaining staff and work efficiency. Generally people are not committed to work unless it is paid. Instead they aim to gain good qualifications.

After being advised in advance, we can offer the other participants of the net counseling and monitoring, conferences, new contacts related to the following topics: environment, sustainable development, reafforestation programs, integral use of the natural resources, environment education.