Netzkraft Movement

Die Econauten der BUNDjugend (Econauten)

Am Köllnischen Park 1
10179 Berlin

Contact person: Meister, Sonja

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  • Aid for developing countries
  • Environmental project
  • Educational policy/project

About us

Since 1984, the young people in the "Bund für Umwelt- und Naturschutz Deutschland e.V." in short: "BUNDjugend" (association for environmental protection and nature conservation) has been reaching children and young people of all age groups all over Germany who are filled with enthusiasm, who are mobilized and became active there and who contribute actively to the most different campaigns, seminars and projects. It offers an easy way of approaching all subjects referring to the conservation of nature and the protection of the environment. In this association, you can actively organize your leisure time and support the most different subjects and fields of activities. It starts with the organization of a congress, leads to the subject renewable energy sources via shooting films against genetic engineering, actions for a better environment or demos against groups up to the foundation of a group of one's own. It is possible to make an active contribution to many areas and to further develop one's own ecological activities.

The "Econauts", the new project of the "BUNDjugend" for young people between 16 and 26, gives young people a platform which helps them to enlarge their background knowledge, to network to like-minded people, to cooperate with young people from countries of the south and to draw people's attention to the effects of the economic globalization on the environment by taking creative, loud and colourful actions.

The "Econauts" want to do something against the world-wide injustice and the destruction of the environment which is considerably intensified by globalization. The do not want to tolerate any more how global institutions and transnational groups intervene in their lifes and leave them hardly any choice to live their lifes in the way they want to - without genetic engineering, without exploitation of other people and the natural resources, without discrimination of the countries of the south on the world market, without the dictatorship of the global free trade regulations. The "Econauts" want to show alternatives and fight together for their vision of a fairer and ecological globalization. They do not only discuss but they take actions, exert political influence and draw the general public's attention to the injustice of globalization.

As per agreement, we can deliver a lecture for other net participants and establish contacts in the field of: globalization and environment, World Trades Organization (WTO). We offer workshops as another possibility of assistance.