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Blue Flame Volunteers (B.F.V)


Contact person: George Mbiriri Nyambura

+254 722 387 325


  • Aid organization
  • Educational policy/project
  • Social policy/disabled persons
  • Volunteers are welcome.

About us

Blue Flame Volunteers (B.F.V) is a volunteer oriented charity organisation that is compassionately dedicated to encourage and facilitate sustainable development projects in underprivileged areas, as well as empowering people in local poor communities.
We focus on nurturing and protecting children and youth, supporting and sustaining families, and providing support for aging and vulnerable populations.

What we do
We offer volunteering opportunities in community centers, orphanages, schools, hospitals and community medical clinics in needy placements. Volunteering can be customized to suit the need and the profile of the volunteer.

Our programs
• Orphanage: Blue Flame Volunteers acknowledges volunteers´ desire to work with children and offers several different placements in orphanages in and around Nairobi. Volunteers wishing to partake in an orphanage placement will be involved in several daily tasks such as getting the children ready for school and sometimes joining them on their commute, washing and cleaning, cooking and farm work, assisting the children with their homework and daily duties and of course simply spending time with the orphans, playing games and getting involved in the activities they enjoy.
• Teaching: Volunteers need to be prepared to teach lessons with the bare minimum equipment. To begin with, you may be working alongside a local teacher or another volunteer, but eventually most volunteers choose to take lessons by themselves.
• Trace & Re-Union: The Trace n' Reunion Program aims at locating and identifying children who have been away from their homes (either intentionally or otherwise) and reunifying them with their families. This program is made up of two stages, one being the Trace Mission and the other the Reunion Mission.
• Women Outreach: This amazing program is only available to female volunteers. Volunteers that have training in social work or counseling can develop 1:1 or group counseling sessions to help the women to cope with their pasts. This is a challenging but hugely rewarding volunteer placement. Volunteers will have the chance to bring joy to those women worst affected by social injustice, and to enhance their futures.
• Medical: This is a great program for medical students looking to complete an elective, or anyone with medical experience who would like to gain a new perspective on their work and broaden their understanding of medical care in a different setting. The responsibilities given to volunteers will depend on their medical qualifications. Qualified doctors and nurses will take on full-time treatment of various diseases. Medical students, however, work under the supervision of qualified medical personnel. The health fields covered include maternal health, mental health, surgery, laboratories, counseling and testing.
• HIV/AIDS: Volunteers who elects to take on a placement with HIV/AIDS is taking part in the efforts to mount an effective response in meeting the needs of target communities. Volunteers on this program schemes to educate and counsel the community, schools and individuals. Also as a volunteer on this program, you will visit HIV/AIDS clinics and help meet the needs of children orphaned by the disease. Long-term volunteers may have the opportunity to attend a training course which on completion allows them to assist with HIV/AIDS testing. The HIV/AIDS volunteer services include visiting patients with the purpose of delivering vital supplies of food, medicine, as well as providing basic medical care. HIV/AIDS volunteers help reduce the spread of HIV by raising awareness and promoting access to medical care. They also foster compassion in the community for people living with HIV/AIDS as well as giving emotional support.
• Sports: Blue Flame Volunteers believe sport is a successful way of bringing people together and celebrating the skills and talents of the children and youths involved. Therefore, provides volunteers with the opportunity to create and carry out sports programs and workshops to the children and youths from schools, orphanages and the slums. In doing so, they will also have the opportunity to organize local weekend tournaments, bringing the youth together and creating opportunities for them to become involved in positive skill and confidence building experiences.

George Mbiriri Nyambura is the Founder & Chairman of Blue Flame Volunteers (B.F.V).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.