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African Forum for International Relations in Research and Development (AFIRRD)


Contact person: James Mawanda

+256 702 124044; +256 78212404


  • Aid organization
  • Environmental project
  • Women's policy

About us

African Forum for International Relations in Research and Development (AFIRRD), founded 2012, is a Ugandan NGO, which was established to find solutions to African numerous problems mainly through research.

To be a world leader in social and economic research

Improving peoples’ lives through research and development.

• Promoting gender perspective in all matters related to national and regional development policies in African Countries.
• Developing local expertise through a collaborative approach of partnering national, regional and international societies.
• Increasing economic opportunities through promotion of transparency and rules of law.
• Finding new solutions to traditional African problems through global thinking and integrating new ideas and technology.
• Enhancing food security through agricultural extension services a research.

What we do:
Environmental Protection:
• Discouraging bad practices such as cutting trees for firewood that is destroying our forests
• Improving awareness to our societies of the dangers poor agricultural practices
• Discouraging poor waste disposal practices which damage the environment
Support for Women:
• Encouraging women participation in all economic activities
• Diversifying women economic activities to increase their income base
• Promoting women associations so as to increase their productivity and bargaining power
Modern Housing: Advocating for better and modern housing in a global setting
Increasing Economic Opportunities:
• Encouraging local and regional marketing of locally produced items
• Encouraging large production of food to fight famine in some parts of the region
• Promoting local and regional trade in locally produced agricultural products
• Improving on the quality of the produce to compete favorably in the regional and international markets
Skills Development
• Encouraging and promoting small scale technological development in our societies
• Encouraging and supporting value addition in the small scale processing of agricultural products
Commercialization of Agricultural Production: Commercialization of agricultural production in order to improve on the income of the members of the society

James Mawanda is the Chairman and CEO of African Forum for International Relations in Research and Development (AFIRRD).

For other net participants we can offer an expert guidance through trained staff, give an expert opinion, procure expert information and establish new contacts in the field of our work.